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Monday, 31.12.01
OFF-TOPIC: Good bye DM - Welcome 2002 and the Euro
Posted by Arne Hess - at 13:26 CET under 06 - Site News

First of all, I wish you: the friends, contributors, partners and readers of Pocket PC Writer.Net a peaceful happy new year and all the best for 2002. Let your/our dreams come true!

For us Europeans the year 2002 don't brings the new Pocket PC 2002s only but a complete new currency, the Euro = €. After 53 years of trust in and fun with the DM (Deutsche Mark), from tomorrow all people (expect UK, Denmark and Sweden) in the European Union have one mutual currency. Thank you DM, I will miss you - good luck Euro, I will trust you!

Also good luck for everybody who was visiting my site last year! Thanks a lot for all your input and looking forward to see you next year again healthy!

Cheers ~ Arne
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WIRELESS: Bluetooth adaptor for Nintendo's Game Boy Advanced
Posted by Arne Hess - at 00:23 CET under 01 - General News

This seems to be a little bit off-topic for a Pocket PC site but at least it's also about wireless. I left the Game Boy age for around 10 years now but I like to see what I've read:

Through internal research and customer feedback, nReach has developed an "add-on" to the Nintendo Game Boy platform. This proprietary hardware product will allow a user to interact wirelessly with a retailer (i.e. Blockbuster) allowing them to receive messages, download trial games, and play against other players within a 10-100 meter area

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Sunday, 30.12.01
THOUGHT: Why GPRS is so interesting even if a wired connection is available
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:50 CET under 09 - Thoughts

Most of you access the Internet wired, like me. At home, in Munich, I have a DSL connection with a flat rate. This means that my PC is running the whole day and Outlook is getting the E-Mails every 5 minutes. Actually, between the years, I'm at my parents in Frankfurt. Thank God, my parents have ISDN, so I can access the Internet here fast enough for my daily work but they don't have a flat rate which means I have to dial-in to an ISP. Unfortunately most German ISPs takes a dial-in fee of some Cents every time you connect and mostly I connect some seconds only to get my E-Mails. This means I pay for nothing if there are no interesting new E-Mails...

But thankfully I have also my Pocket PC and my GPRS with me! This means I can stay connected to the Internet (incl. MSN Messenger)

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Saturday, 29.12.01
REVIEW: TT Tech SnapNType mini keyboard for Compaq iPAQ H3600/3700
Posted by Arne Hess - at 21:21 CET under 08 - Reviews

Thanks to TT Tech - Hong Kong, yesterday I got my reviewers sample of this new mini keyboard for the Compaq iPAQ. Originally it was designed for the H3600 series Pocket PCs but connects also with the H3700 iPAQs. The SnapNType keyboard seems to be the first clip-on keyboard for the iPAQ which is available. Currently TT Tech speaks about the availability in: US, UK, Korea and (for sure) Hong Kong.

What's the SnapNType?
If you are an Ericsson mobile phone user you may know the Ericsson Chat Board. This keyboard can be attached to the mobile phone to enter SMS messages more convenient. The SnapNType is in the same tradition, it's not (it can not be by it's size) a full featured keyboard like the Targus foldable keyboards which can be used with ten fingers; the SnapNType is a typical thumbs keyboard. It lets you enter short messages or texts without using the soft keyboard of your Pocket PC. Using the SnapNType keyboard, you can write E-Mails, notes and enter any kind of data into your iPAQ. It is small, light and compact enough allowing

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HOW TO: Connecting the Ericsson T68 via Bluetooth with an iPAQ (H3870 or BT jacket)
Posted by Arne Hess - at 18:37 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials

If you wonder how your new Compaq iPAQ H3870 or Bluetooth jacket works in combination with your Ericsson T68 here it a how to I got from Compaq EMEA UK. Thanks to Simon for providing me this information. The original document is copyrighted by Compaq EMEA, I revised it only in some parts. Check also my how to "WIRELESS: Connect a GSM Mobile Phone via Infrared for using GPRS" to get more information how to configure a Pocket PC for GPRS.

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Friday, 28.12.01
PPC 2002: Does the Casio E-200 patch works on other Pocket PC 2002s?
Posted by Arne Hess - at 14:49 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Our German MVP Markus Schweiger tried the Casio E-200 patch for Pocket PC 2002 on his HP Jornada 565:

"Curiosity will kill me....
Just installed the Update Pack from the Casio Website on my Jornada 565. Worked flawless, update took about 5 minutes. It really seems like the DNS

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Thursday, 27.12.01
WIRED: The problems with a network card
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:46 CET under 09 - Thoughts

Dear friends of Pocket PC Writer.Net! Sorry, that I was not able to wish you a merry Christmas 3 days ago! I was disconnected with my main PC from the Internet and you know why? Because my (wired) network card was gone. Seems, that this 15,00 € cards are not built for a 24/7 use. However, it

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Monday, 24.12.01
PIM: Xircuit releases XContact for PPC and PPC 2002
Posted by Arne Hess - at 14:25 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

XContact is fully compatible with the built-in Contacts app. It retains all previous data, new data is guaranteed to work with the built-in app. The most outstanding feature of XContact is a unique collection of far more than 300 predefined text blocks for fastest ever input of new contacts. Provided are civilian and miltary titles, more than 200 common first names, company forms and departments, address blocks and many more. To reduce the need for manual data entry even further, XContact groups contacts by company name. Add a new contact for an existing company and all adress details and the company name are automatically filled in. XContact supports beaming of contacts and exchanges data with all Pocket Outlook compatible applications. It

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Sunday, 23.12.01
Outlook 2002 Add-IN: Pocket Contact Synchronizer 1.2
Posted by Arne Hess - at 19:35 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Pocket Contact Synchronizer version 1.2 (PCS) helps you synchronize contacts with devices such as your Microsoft Windows CE or Pocket PC device.
From any contact folder you specify, this add-in moves contacts easily to the device you want. For example, you can synchronize a public folder that contains team contacts. Using the Outlook PCS, you can synchronize as many contact folders as you want.

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Saturday, 22.12.01
UNWIRED HOME: Cutting the wires at home
Posted by Arne Hess - at 12:52 CET under 09 - Thoughts

As a wireless guy, I try to cut all wires, doesn't matter if for my mobile devices like Bluetooth connections between Pocket PCs and mobile phones or reducing all the cable stuff at home. At least, the only cable I will accept is the antenna cable of my TV... ;-)

Well, thanks to a friend I got my new wireless environment for my home PC yesterday, the Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical. I love the Logitech stuff, I'm using there mice since I've got my first PC mouse and the last one I had was the Cordless MouseMan Wheel. So it was clear for me that I will cut the keyboard cable as well anytime. Yesterday was the time and "threw" away my wired keyboard. Wow, I love the new keyboard, it's not only wireless but also have great functionalities with it's additional wheels and shortcut keys. That's comfortable.

Okay, so far so good - typing on the keyboard is is smooth (I will enjoy it while I'm writing my second book now) and I thought,

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Friday, 21.12.01
WIRELESS: Italian GSM operators launched Pocket PC optimized portals
Posted by Arne Hess - at 23:30 CET under 01 - General News

I can not speak Italian but my buddy and Italian MVP Giorgio Cifani pointed me to this site from Wind. There they offer an Pocket PC optimized and in a very nice looking way contents for you - on the run. They have:

Maps and directions by NavTech
RAI, the Italian public TV and also CNN Italia
Traffic, weather, news, investments, music, movies, etc..

Videos need Emblaze installed on the Pocket PC.

For an interactive demo of the Wind Pocket PC portal click the link below. Thanks Giorgio for the information.

Also Blu have a mobile portal. Unfortunately there is now interactive demo and you can not access it from your desktop browser but Blu redirects you by the browser to the right portal. Accessing with a Pocket PC

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REMOTE CONTROL: Handheld Handler 1.0 Beta
Posted by Arne Hess - at 13:45 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Go beyond the physical limitations of handheld computer displays and stylus-limited data-entry with Snowshoe Technology's Handheld Handler.

The Handheld Handler promotes your handheld from a gadget to the only computer you need. Install the software, connect at any workstation--at home, at work, on travel, anywhere--and use the standard desktop monitor, keyboard and mouse to work comfortably and much more efficiently on your Pocket PC. Harness the power that your handheld computer can offer! The Handheld Handler stands apart from other similar products on the market because it allows you to work at any resolution and in both portrait and landscape screen orientation.

Video drivers

  • Run your device at any resolution, predefined (640x480, 800x600) or custom (1000x1000, 2000x2000), and in both portrait and landscape orientation
  • Zooming and panning both through the menu and using hardware buttons

Remote control

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BLUETTOTH: Toshiba SD Bluetooth card available in Japan
Posted by Arne Hess - at 13:31 CET under 01 - General News

How Ludipocket reports, the Toshiba SD Bluetooth Card is out in Japan since December 20 and it is available for 19,800 yens ($153). As Ludipocket also reports, the card seems to be exclusive use for Genio. I’m not sure now how they figured it out (I have to translate the press release later today from Japanese to English) but it would makes me wonder if Toshiba SD cards will offer the card for Toshiba Pocket PCs only since the addressable market is very small. At least it’s a question of drivers only and the Genio runs on a StronARM CPU as all other Pocket PC 2002 too.

I hope to see the Bluetooth card for other Pocket PC 2002 devices soon too or an OEM card from other manufactures... ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne
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Tuesday, 18.12.01
TOOL: Aiden Power Converter released
Posted by Arne Hess - at 13:15 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

The Euro (for everybody outside Europe plus UK, the Euro symbol is € and the Euro becomes the official currency of the European Union on January 1st 2002 ;-) is coming, I got my starter pack (with the coins) yesterday, so it might be the right time now to have a converter on your Pocket PC? Or do you know how much € the US$ is?

Aidem released Power Converter today which isn’t a pure currency converter only but an Engineering Calculator and Unit Converter too:

AIDEM Power Converter is composed of Engineering Calculator, Unit Converter and Currency Converter. The Engineering Calculator has been nominated as the Best Pocket PC Software by in the EUROPE POCKET PC AWARD 2002. The Unit Converter contains 11 categories, nearly 100 different conversion types. The Currency Converter includes both Euro base currency conversion and USD base currency conversion.

The main features of the AIDEM Power Converter are listed below:
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Monday, 17.12.01
MOBILITY: SnapStream PVS v2.0 launched
Posted by Arne Hess - at 23:13 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Record your favorite TV shows and then watch those shows on any network device (wired or wireless) inside or outside the home.

The latest release of Pocket PVS features a completely redesigned interface and an easy-to-use client for the Pocket PC. Launch the new "SnapStream Pocket PVS Client (Pocket PC)" and pull up your watch list.

New Features of SnapStream PVS v2.0
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WIRELESS: BVRP Software announced the release of WinPhone Pocket 3.5
Posted by Arne Hess - at 21:57 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

We're celebrating the launch of this NEW version of our mobile communication software solution with a competition, organized in partnership with Hewlett Packard.

We invite you to enter the competition on either of the BVRP Software web sites. All you have to do is answer 5 simple questions, and the winners will be drawn from the correct answers.
The competition runs until 10th January, 2002, and the prizes are great:

  • 1st prize: HP Jornada 568 and WinPhone Pocket 3.5
  • 2nd prize: HP pocket camera and WinPhone Pocket 3.5 (both, 1st and 2nd prize is worth over $870)
  • 3rd - 10th prizes: WinPhone Pocket 3.5 (each prize is worth $55)

So go for it and win your new HP Jornada 568, I already did it - the competition... ;-)

And here is what's new on WinPhone Pocket 3.5:

  • A Fax module to manage your faxes.
  • An SMS module to send, receive and organize your SMS.
  • A Phonebook module to transfer all your WinPhone Pocket contacts to your mobile phone.
  • A WAP browser, compatible with Pocket PC 2000 and 2002 PDAs
Cheers ~ Arne
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TALK: New at PPCW.N, the Wireless Forum
Posted by Arne Hess - at 08:19 CET under 06 - Site News

There are so many discussions about Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM and GPRS that Jerome Neuveglise from and got the great idea to launch a dedicated wireless forum. Because Jerome and me are both real wireless guys we are running this forum together, this makes sense as we combine so the ideas and thoughts of our visitors and ourselves

So Wireless Forums - Cut the Wires - is launched now at but Wireless Forums isn't just another Pocket PC forum, it's about the wireless world and provides you room for discussions about:

Wireless Technology
  • Bluetooth
  • Cellular
  • Wi-Fi
  • Phones
  • Pocket PCs
  • Other PDAs
  • Other Hardware

A lot of my thoughts or reviews generated great feedback from you; some of it is article related and still always welcome as a comment on the article, other things are more your thoughts. There a discussion forum might be the better place - now you can share your opinions better and be able to discuss it.

Every time you see the link "Discuss @ Forum" in the foot line of an article, there is a dedicated topic on Wireless Forums which might give you additional thoughts of others.

Looking forward interesting discussion with you! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne
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Friday, 14.12.01
WIRELESS: Microsoft Boosts Bluetooth With XP Support
Posted by Arne Hess - at 16:17 CET under 01 - General News

Microsoft will bestow Bluetooth support on Windows XP. Still smarting from being left out of the initial release of XP, Bluetooth proponents will rejoice as the technology achieves broader adoption.
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Wednesday, 12.12.01
REVIEW: Visual IT Simple SMS V2.0
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:38 CET under 08 - Reviews

For some days now, I’m using Simple SMS from Visual IT on my Pocket PC 2002 to send and receive my SMS messages with my HP Jornada 565 through Bluetooth. Here is what I’ve noticed so far:

What’s new on Simple SMS V2.0?

Write, send, receive and store SMS messages on your Pocket PC. Now you can write your SMS messages on your Pocket PC 2002 using the soft keyboard, character recognizer, transcriber or cut & paste text from other documents. Avoid the tiresome use of the phone keypad by connecting to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, infrared or cable.
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BLUETOOTH: Socket CF card review at
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:57 CET under 01 - General News

My fellow Jerome from France (a real wireless guy as well) did a great review of the Socket Bluetooth CF card. If you are interesting in getting more information about this card, his site is worth to check!

Bluetooth is now a reality for more and more devices. My new T68 phone is BT (BlueTooth)

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BLUETOOTH: Is the Bluetooth SD card coming this December!?
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:50 CET under 01 - General News

How reports, the Toshiba Bluetooth SD card (I’ve reported about before) could be available for sale from 20th December. Ludipocket expects the availability for Japan only first.
That’s real good news and also Dale of

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CONNECTIVITY: A connection manager for cradles and network cards
Posted by Arne Hess - at 14:54 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

ProMan is an application that provides you a complete connection manager with a simple user interface. A complete connection manager for all your network cards and cradle.

  • Choose your profile by the description you have given it
  • Select your ActiveSync partnership from a list of saved partnerships
  • Choose a 'Synchronized Files' folder for each profile
  • Run at startup
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PDF: Final version of Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC
Posted by Arne Hess - at 10:24 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Acrobat released now the final version of its Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC. The good news is, that they keep it for free, so go ahead for your download. While the Beta version doesn’t offer a Pocket PC 2002 version, the final bits includes this. Adobe also reminds the Pocket PCs and offers a StrongArm,

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Tuesday, 11.12.01
MySQL: Database problems on Pocket PC Writer.Net [UPDATE: 12.12.01]
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:50 CET under 06 - Site News

Seems I have some problems with my database. Some articles, like the latest Ericsson 3G article have PHP error messages and I wonder if I’ve reached the storage limit!? Thank you for your patience I will try to figure out as soon as possible what’s going on there. Not affected are older articles!

Cheers ~ Arne

Jo, back in business! I had some problems with the caching functionality of my Web Log system I’m using. This caches pages by itself and therefore it wasn’t necessary for the system to access the SQL server all the time to get a page. However, this functionality is still Beta and died now. Therefore I disabled page caching (on the server side) and everything works fine again. Also I don’t see any differences on the performance...

Anyhow, glad to be back again and now I can work on my articles again, while I was investigating the performance problem only the whole day yesterday.

Cheers ~ Arne
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WIRELESS: Have a look of the 3G services of tomorrow
Posted by Arne Hess - at 08:36 CET under 09 - Thoughts

While I surfed around the Ericsson web site because I was looking for some information on WCDMA/CDMA2000 and others I found this Flash animation of Ericsson's "3VOLUTION":

One of the most exciting aspects of Mobile Internet is that it opens up such vast potential for so many different uses. Even though the technology to support Mobile Internet is still in its infancy, initial ideas are quickly evolving into real commercial services. And once 3G comes along, with its ability to support a rich array of multimedia, interactive content, the sky's the limit.

Who knows what the future holds? It will probably be full of useful and fun services that have not been dreamt of - yet. But we can try to guess the types of services that people will be able to - and want to

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EASTER EGGS: The Ericsson T68 secret games
Posted by Arne Hess - at 08:15 CET under 01 - General News

Some companies have it, others not, others hide it like Ericsson with Nokia's famous Snake game. If you are someone who switched from a Nokia phone to the Ericsson T68 like me, you might miss Snake. Doesn't matter! As Microsoft puts in a flight simulator into Excel, Ericsson puts Snake into the T68 and others too:

  • Snake: Go to the ERIX game. When the logo appears, type in: 123
  • Blocks: Go to the Q game. When the logo appears, type in: 3*5
  • Card Game: Go to the Ripple game. When the logo appears, type in: 4456
  • Message: Go to the Tetris game. When the logo appears, type in: 397

Thanks to JJLight who posted this in the forums.

Cheers ~ Arne
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Monday, 10.12.01
SEARCH ENGINE: The famous Google now Pocket PC optimized
Posted by Arne Hess - at 21:07 CET under 01 - General News

I don't know what's your famous search engine is but my one is for sure Google. I've missed the accessibility on my Pocket PC, even if it is already reduced from the layout but it doesn't fits.

Now Google is also available on a Pocket PC optimized version under:

It gives you the same results as the regular one, the only thing is that the search form isn't available as a advanced version and the results are the site names only without explanations. This is something I miss because I would prefer to know before which site I'm accessing

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MOBILITY: SnapNType mini-keyboard now available for iPAQ
Posted by Arne Hess - at 10:23 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Mini PDA keyboard that enables people to input data quickly by thumb-typing is now available for both the Palm and Pocket PC platforms.

Hong Kong, SAR Dec 6, 2001 TT Tech Limited, a developer and manufacturer of hardware accessories solutions for the mobile computing market announced today two new additions to their SnapNType mini-keyboard series.

Model T111 is a thumb-typing keyboard for the Palm?m500 and m505 PDA. With a unique “folding design, the keyboard clips onto the bottom of the Palm PDA and provides a comfortable thumb-typing area.

Model T301 is the first thumb-typing keyboard for the Compaq iPAQ 3600 series PDA in the market. The T301 slides in from the bottom of the iPAQ and is compatible with all expansion packs.

The design of both keyboards is slim and integrates perfectly with the PDA device. The keyboard is also compatible with most communication modules. Users can easily type and send emails and SMS messages using the SnapNType and a communication module together.

Key features and benefits of the SnapNType

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Sunday, 09.12.01
QUALITY: The Ericsson T68 - four weeks old and just useless [UPDATE: 11.12.01]
Posted by Arne Hess - at 22:40 CET under 09 - Thoughts

Well, I wrote a lot about the Ericsson T68: I love it and I hate it. I love it for the features, no other GSM phone offers so many features like the T68: Bluetooth, GPRS, HSCSD, colored display, a real cool stand-by time and all within a very nice shaped design. On the other side, there was the speed - e.g. on text-input with T9 or the the whole speed of using the phone in general. Also the "No" key didn't work proper the first week but anyway, it did its job later. But yesterday evening it happened: the slider on the left side, which is used for the speaker volume, the phone status and scrolling of WAP sides and SMS broke. I don't know if it is the plastic only or the whole switch but it doesn't works or is fixed anymore. Means it is useless now.

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Saturday, 08.12.01
PRESENTATION: Pocket Slides 1.2 released
Posted by Arne Hess - at 22:59 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Pocket Slides enables users to create, view or give presentations using a Pocket PC. View presentations on the device, or give an animated slide show using an attached VGA card. Create a presentation on-the-go, or edit existing presentations on the device. New for version 1.2 is "reverse conversion" -- convert your edited presentations back into PowerPoint!
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Friday, 07.12.01
BLUETOOTH: Macromedia Flash Bluetooth underwater experiment
Posted by Arne Hess - at 03:48 CET under 01 - General News

What has 2 Pocket PCs, Macromedia Flash, 2 Anycom Bluetooth cards, some Hydrogen and some Oxygen?

Wait no longer!

We've taken 2 Pocket PCs, 2 Anycom Bluetooth cards, gallons of water and Macromedia Flash to perform one of the most amazing experiments in Bluetooth Macromedia Flash Pocket PC history.
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Thursday, 06.12.01
CPU POWER: What are mobile phones running on?
Posted by Arne Hess - at 22:08 CET under 09 - Thoughts

As you might remember my NTT DoCoMo FOMA article, I was fascinated of the features these phones offers as this comes close to a Pocket PC. Well, for good reasons Microsoft specified the Intel StrongARM processor as the standard CPU for Pocket PC 2002 devices but do you know which CPU mobile phones use?
Jeff from Intel sent me this interesting background information for your attention:


DoCoMo, like most cellular phone manufacturers and carriers, focus on size and battery life when describing the features of their phones.  Therefore, it is a little known fact that the NEC N2001/N2002 FOMA phones utilize the Intel StrongARM SA-1110

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PAINTING: PocketSketch 1.65 released
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:44 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Doodle, draw and sketch out your ideas. Then send your sketches via email in JPEG or BMP format!

  • Easy to use, intuitively designed
  • Support the basic drawing tools for sketching
  • A color picker, different brush sizes
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BLUETOOTH: Surf the web on your Camcorder
Posted by Arne Hess - at 07:50 CET under 01 - General News

Sven from Norway sent me this interesting product link of the new Sony Camcorder:

Just thought I should drop you this link about a cool product on Sony Europe's site:

Sony's new DCR-IP7E micro size (300g) video cam can connect to your BT enabled mobile phone and let you surf the web on the viewfinder screen!

This is cool... :-) Here are some details from the Sony

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Wednesday, 05.12.01
POCKET WEB: MultiIE 2.0 is coming December 2001 with many new features
Posted by Arne Hess - at 14:48 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Now that PPC2002 upgrades are finally shipping, Peter is receiving a lot of mails about MultiIE not working with the new operating system. Yes, unfortunately it is true, MultiIE 1.3 is not compatible! Microsoft has removed all the hooks which allowed MultiIE to open new windows.

A new improved version has been under development for the last 3 months, and it is

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BLUETOOTH: Compaq iPAQ H3870 qualifies Bluetooth 1.1
Posted by Arne Hess - at 08:32 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Pocket PC Thoughts got this information from Jerome Neuveglise of

On November 30, the iPAQ 3870 got listed in the Bluetooth Qualification Program website. It is BT 1.1, and in the capability profile it shows:

  • Object Push
  • LAN Access
  • Generic Access
  • Serial port
  • Dial-up Networking
  • File Transfer
  • Service Discovery
  • Generic Object Exchange

Okay, so far so good, but know I want to get my hands on the H3870 to test it how it works in real life with other Bluetooth cards and Bluetooth [...]

BTW, because we are talking about it, the Bluetooth Wireless Pack with CF Card Slot also passed the Open Group tests before. It provides:

  • Object Push
  • Generic Access
  • Serial port
  • Service Discovery
  • Generic Object Exchange
Aeh... sorry? No Dial-up Networking and File
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ACCESSORIE: iPocket Bungee - new bouncing hand strap for iPAQ users
Posted by Arne Hess - at 07:36 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

The National Medical Streaming Journal, Inc, located in Baltimore, Maryland has release a New Compaq iPAQ Accessory called the iPocket Bungee.
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Monday, 03.12.01
PREVIEW: O2 XDA Wireless Pocket PC 2002 preview
Posted by Arne Hess - at 20:30 CET under 06 - Site News

Thanks to VIAG Interkom (the German share of mmO2 - formerly known as BT Wireless), I had the chance to get my fingers for a lazy Sunday afternoon on a brand new XDA Wireless Pocket PC for an exclusive web preview including pictures and screenshots! Some stuff is still NDA, so please don't expect a full featured review but I'm glad to give you a first impression of this next coming "Uber Device" which will be a category of it's own!

So what's the O2 xda? Basically it's a mobile phone, or a Pocket PC? Well, it's both, it's a full featured Pocket PC 2002 and a full featured GSM mobile phone with GPRS.

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COMMUNICATION: Microsoft Portrait 1.07 supports MSN Messenger and ILS
Posted by Arne Hess - at 10:33 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

We just released Microsoft Portrait 1.07. The new version supports MSN Messenger and Internet Locator Service (ILS). This especially makes dialup users able to use video conferencing through ILS due to Microsoft Portrat's low bitrate property. Now users have four methods to place a

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