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Thursday, 22.08.02
THOUGHT: The use of Pocket PC Phone Edition on Airplanes
Posted by Arne Hess - at 21:04 CET under 09 - Thoughts

Several sites like Pocket PC Thoughts and discussed the FAA announcement from USAToday that you are allowed to use PDAs on aircrafts, however I think the FAA missed the point here:

Thought 1: I don't see that that the wireless part of a Pocket PC Phone Edition is/should be allowed to use. The reason is pretty simple; we are talking about a radio module which - and it doesn’t matter if it is used for voice or data - (could) interfere the on-board electronic.

Thought 2: GSM will not work above the clouds. GSM and its antennas is designed to cover the ground. I’ve never seen a BTS which covers the air. You can see this even on skyscrapers in Manhattan. While you have a perfect coverage on ground you are out of coverage on the top levels, if no repeaters are installed. I saw this phenomena even in Hong Kong which is (I think so far) the best covered city in the world. Maybe near windows you will catch the one or the other signal but if you walk into the building you are out of any coverage which doesn’t happens on the ground floors.
So how we could believe that the area in 10.000 meters height is covered?

Thought 3: GSM has speed limits, not only for transferring data but also for transferring the waves. If I remember right, the speed limit for a GSM 900 MHz network is something around 400 km/h while it is something around 250 km/h for GSM 1800 MHz networks and even less for GSM 1900 MHz networks.
As far as I remember from my many flights a Boeing or Airbus fly faster than 400 km/h but for sure faster than 250 km/h only. So even if there would be coverage the handover between the BTS’ wouldn’t

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Friday, 09.08.02
THOUGHT: What does Vodafone think their customers uses GPRS on International Roaming?
Posted by Arne Hess - at 11:11 CET under 09 - Thoughts

As you know I was in Paris yesterday and again I tried to use my Vodafone D2 SIM card with my non SIM-Locked xda for GPRS roaming. While it doesn't worked 2 weeks ago, when I was in Paris; yesterday it worked - at least on a route of around 4 kilometers. :-(
When I've arrived at CDG airport I took a Taxi to downtown Paris. On the Taxi I've tried to dial-into the SFR GPRS network and what a surprise - it worked! I was connected to SFR GPRS using my Vodafone D2 settings - great, I thought! Finally the summer started, even for Vodafone.

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Thursday, 08.08.02
INTERVIEW: Craig Eisler, CEO Action Engine
Posted by Arne Hess - at 21:53 CET under 09 - Thoughts

PPCW.Net: Craig - thanks for the time of presentation. I’m very impressed of Action Engine today. How do you see the near future of Action Engine and its services, what we will see as next?

CRAIG EISLER: Thank you, we love hearing comments like that. You will see the selection of radically efficient and addictive services for our platform grow. You will also see these services available on more and more devices and smartphones this year.

PPCW.Net: How do you see My Action Engine compared to WAP services on mobile devices like Pocket PCs or Smartphone 2002 and why do you believe,, Action Engine brings the user more benefits than using the Web on this devices?

CRAIG EISLER: Because of our smart client that runs natively on each device, we do most of the interactions with the user prior to sending data across the network. This process

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Monday, 05.08.02
THOUGHT: Why SPAM is so annoying
Posted by Arne Hess - at 22:56 CET under 09 - Thoughts

The most (only) annoying E-Mails I got on my trip to Oslo was these f§$%&@# spam mails. While, here at home, spam doesn't "really" hurts me, on my Pocket PC it hurts me even more. No one of this lousy Spam senders should tell me "it's just an E-Mail, you can delete it" if I'm paying per transferred KB what I do if I'm accessing my E-Mails wireless through GPRS. In that case, Spam becomes really expensive and I have to pay for it. So it's not only wasting my "limited" storage space on Pocket PCs but robbing my money right out of my pocket. :-(

So here is my wish, I would like to see that E-Mail providers (doesn't matter if Hotmail or domain hosting services) filters this Spam messages and delete it right after it hits my server inbox that I don't have to download it anymore. Everything else would be useless,

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OFF-TOPIC: Back from Norway
Posted by Arne Hess - at 21:06 CET under 09 - Thoughts

Hei folks, as you saw on the previous posting - I'm back from my trip to Oslo and hell, we had sun like on Ibiza. Fortunately I had enough T-Shirts with me, while you normally doesn't need T-Shirts in Oslo!

I had a great weekend on the Oslo Fjord, with my friends from Norway and Oslo in the summer is so beautiful. You have sun until 9 something and the sky is lightened until 11 something, it's really great.

A great experience was the GPRS roaming with telenor mobil (formerly one shareholder of VIAG Interkom/O2 Germany) even if not O2 - DE nor Telenor knew (at least not the Hotlines) that GRX is in place but it worked great. I was able to use it with the same settings as I used to use in Germany. So I had access to my E-Mails and the Web, unfortunately Norway isn't covered by TomTom's

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