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Wednesday, 30.04.03
EDITORS CHOICE: What the Editorial like and use - Q1-2003
Posted by Arne Hess - at 19:46 CET under 09 - Thoughts

PPCW.Net Editors Choice is just a subjective view of the PPCW.Net editors but the hard- and software is used by the them daily.
The idea of Editors Choice is to give you an overview about great and useful products for your Pocket PC and Smartphone platform.

Editors Choice is published quarterly and includes the top products in the following categories:

  • Hardware
  • Accessories
  • Pocket PC (Phone Edition) Software
  • Smartphone Software
  • Overall Product of the Quarter.
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Sunday, 27.04.03
RANT: We want back our "Close" button - does we?
Posted by Arne Hess - at 16:47 CET under 09 - Thoughts

One of the never ending topics in the Pocket PC world is - I think - the discussion of close button vs. minimize functionality. As we have in the Windows based PC world the button, which terminates a running program, in the Pocket PC world, we have a similar button - - which does the opposite, it minimize the current program only but it's still open and running in the background.

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VIRUS ALERT: SARS, impacting human lives and the computer market
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - at 10:57 CET under 09 - Thoughts

I really don't want to be pessimist nor would I want to be thought to be as one, but the current outbreak of the deadly virus SARS in Asia has got me totally thinking that the worse has not actually come.

The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic was publicized a little over a month ago. It seemed to be a typical virus alert which could be contained and eradicated in several weeks or so. But as time passed, and as the fact that there was no known cure for it emerged, international concern rose to an alarming level which eventually prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to come out with frequently updated Travel Advice. This paints a gloomy future for the Asian countries which are hard hit by the virus.

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Saturday, 26.04.03
THOUGHT: How much Smartphone, PDA or Notebook do you need to be mobile?
Posted by Arne Hess - at 14:29 CET under 09 - Thoughts

For some time now I have my Microsoft Smartphone and I'm thinking about myself how much Pocket PC or Notebook I need anymore if I have a Smartphone. No, this isn't a thought about "The PDA is dead, long living the Smartphone" but I wonder why I use my Pocket PCs less since I'm using my Smartphone.

Here is my very personal user scenario for my mobile devices (Smartphone, Pocket PC, and Notebook):

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Friday, 25.04.03
MOBILE BANKING: A Smartphone, a bank account and MasterCard Electronic
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - at 12:05 CET under 09 - Thoughts

I've been using the SMART Money MasterCard Electronic for more than a year now. Sometimes it just beats using cash or using a credit card. The SMART Money MasterCard Electronic is as good as cash as it is preloaded with any desired amount. This means there are no monthly bills.

The unique thing about the SMART Money card I use is that it is tied to my mobile phone account with SMART Communications here in the Philippines. There are several ways of using it from simply using the m-com number for OTA purchases or by swiping it through a magnetic stripe reader at the cashier.

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Tuesday, 22.04.03
ON-DUTY: Back to life, back to reality
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:03 CET under 09 - Thoughts

After some great days in Austria with my family I'm back on my PC. Unfortunately the weather was mixed but anyway, the fun was with us and therefore it was a great trip, even if we had less snow then expected and boarding was possible noon only.

But if you ever wanted to see how we - or at least me - at PPCW.Net works, here is a picture of my (mobile)-office: :mrgreen:

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Monday, 21.04.03
THOUGHT: Easter Eggs, the Pocket PC and the number 3
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - at 02:36 CET under 09 - Thoughts

Happy Easter! I know it's a bit late for that but I seem to have gotten caught up with my Pocket PC trying to look for more Easter Eggs. I still haven't found any new ones though. Arne also sent an email and he seems to be enjoying Austria. Arne hasn't been getting the best GPRS coverage there so I guess you will all have to settle for me in the meantime instead.

I spent this weekend looking for Easter Eggs in my Pocket PC, still nothing new apparently ever since the launch of the Pocket PC about three years ago. In case you some of you may have forgotten, the Pocket PC Easter Egg is the Perfect Hand at Solitaire. You can get this by starting up Solitaire and pulling up the Keyboard SIP. Make sure that your keyboard is set to use Small Keys. Just Tap on Ctl, Shift, and New and there yo shall get your perfect hand at Solitaire. Amaze your friends as to how fast you can finish a game of Solitaire using this trick. :D

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Tuesday, 15.04.03
THOUGHT: How many web servers can a single PC handle?
Posted by Arne Hess - at 16:57 CET under 09 - Thoughts

As we become more and more wireless connected and access is everything, more and more Desktop applications get a web interface to control the home PC from a work PC or wireless with PDAs or Smartphones, this is a great development but have you ever tried to install two applications in parallel which both are using a web server?

Well, I've tried it yesterday to enable the web server functionalities of a second application beside my "01 Communique's I'm InTouch" which lets me access my Desktop virtually from anywhere in the world via a simple HTML browser.

The result - 2 web servers ran in parallel and for sure my PC wasn't sure where to redirect the HTTP request to; the result was either the one nor the other application worked anymore which forced me to disable the second web server. 8O

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Tuesday, 08.04.03
THOUGHT: How different GPRS experiences could be
Posted by Arne Hess - at 12:30 CET under 09 - Thoughts

When I was in Paris last week, I've used for sure GPRS to get my E-Mails as well as surf the web and update PPCW.Net. While I did this via GRX (GPRS Roaming Exchange) with my German O2 SIM card the fist half of the week, I've used a French Orange SIM the second half of the week and it's amazing how difference this experience was. 8O

Normally you should think that a roaming SIM has more problems with GPRS but no, the GPRS access with the O2 card, attached to the Orange network, worked faster, more stable and better then the Orange SIM in the same network :!: :?:

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Monday, 07.04.03
THOUGHT: Adding Bluetooth and W-LAN SD Card to an Orange SPV
Posted by Arne Hess - at 18:00 CET under 09 - Thoughts

On Möbius we got also the chance to have a closer look to the postponed Bluetooth and Wi-Fi SD Cards and while I hold it in my hands I though about how convenient it would be to add it to a Smartphone.

Sure these samples didn't include any drivers, so it was more a question about size. 8)

It's amazing how small these cards became and I can't wait to long anymore to see them released.

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Friday, 04.04.03
TEST: Mobile Blogging
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:44 CET under 09 - Thoughts

Better you don't expect to much from this posting ;-) but based on a mobius discussion we had today, I'm testing “Mobile Blogging”. I'm right now in the train to Paris and thought this might be a great environment to test this idea with my Orange SPV and the flex-keyboard I got at mobius.
So if you can read it, it works... More about it soon. ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne
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Thursday, 03.04.03
THOUGHT: Why a Pocket PC doesn't replace a Notebook so far?
Posted by Arne Hess - at 11:10 CET under 09 - Thoughts

When we had the MDC during the past days here in Paris, I was wondering how many folks used a Notebook, compared to the MDC last year in London. Like last year, also this year Microsoft offered a free high-speed W-LAN network to the attendees as well as you was able to get a W-LAN enabled Pocket PC loaned for free and while last year in London everybody used the Pocket PC this year “nobody” used the Pocket PC but Laptops/Notebooks/Tablet PCs.

So I wonder what went wrong here. Was is because all the folks at the MDC were developers and there are no developing tools available on the Pocket PC or is it because Pocket PCs missed something?

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