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Friday, 30.07.10
PHOTOVIEW: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro Android Smartphone
Posted by Arne Hess - at 16:56 CET under 08 - Reviews

Also announced back in February during the Mobile World Congress, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro is the sister model of the Xperia X10 mini but features a 4 row slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It supports quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE and the European version features dualband UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA at 900/2100 MHz while the North American version supports triband UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA at 850/1900/2100 MHz. Furthermore it features Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi b/g, aGPS an FM radio, a digital compass and an accelerometer. However, like all the recent Sony Ericsson Android smartphones, the X10 mini pro is also not running the latest Android version but Android 1.6 only (an upgrade to Android 2.1 is expected to be released soon).

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UPGRADE: Android 2.2 Froyo Upgrade to hit the HTC Desire this Weekend [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - at 12:46 CET under 04 - Android News

HTC has just sent out an official information, that the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for HTC Desire will start rolling out across Europe this weekend. As well as including the complete set of Android 2.2 features, the update will contain a few special additions of HTC's latest iteration of HTC Sense. The update will provide 720p video capture, HTC's App Share widget, as well as the enhanced HTC Caller ID and an improved multi-language keyboard. Also, through the update, HTC Sync will allow HTC Desire users to sync their music with iTunes. HTC Desire users will be notified that the OTA (over-the-air update) is available to download when their phone automatically checks for software updates.

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Thursday, 29.07.10
PHOTOVIEW: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini Android Smartphone
Posted by Arne Hess - at 16:03 CET under 08 - Reviews

Announced back in February during the Mobile World Congress, since this month the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini is available commercially across the world. Not running the latest Android version but Android 1.6 only (nevertheless an upgrade to Android 2.1 is expected to be released soon), the Xperia X10 mini is one of the smallest Android smartphones available today. It supports quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE and the European version features dualband UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA at 900/2100 MHz while the North American version supports triband UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA at 850/1900/2100 MHz. Furthermore it features Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi b/g, aGPS an FM radio, a digital compass and an accelerometer.

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Tuesday, 27.07.10
UPDATE: Google introduces Places with the release of Google Maps Mobile 4.4 for Android
Posted by Arne Hess - at 13:01 CET under 04 - Android News

Google has just released an updated Google Maps Mobile client for Android which focuses on an even easier way to find places around you current location: a dedicated Places icon that lets you quickly look up nearby places and pick a place to go using updated Place Pages. On Android-powered phones with Google Maps 4.4, you'll find the new Places icon in the app launcher with the rest of your apps. At the moment it features restaurants, coffee, bars, hotels, attractions, ATMs and gas stations as predefined categories. However it even allows to add own categories as well as directly searching for any other type of local business around you.

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Monday, 26.07.10
GUI: HTC plans to continue with HTC Sense on Windows Phone 7 and Android 3.0
Posted by Arne Hess - at 16:26 CET under 01 - General News

In a recent interview with's Velocity blog, Drew Bamford, head of HTC's user experience design team, said that the manufacturer will bring its HTC Sense UI to its first Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Furthermore, without going into details, Bamford said, that Google may focus more on improving the user interface in general Android 3.0 but he doesn't think Google will precludes manufacturer customization. Back in February, when Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7, Microsoft said that it will take-over the UI guidelines for Windows Phone 7, keeping the control of the GUI. The same move is rumored for the yet unannounced Android 3.0, that Google plans to keep the GUI control.

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SERVICE: Eye-Fi launches Eye-Fi Mobile Center for Smartphones
Posted by Arne Hess - at 13:10 CET under 01 - General News

Since I'm using the Eye-Fi SD card with my cameras, I wished to have access to the uploaded photos and videos from my mobile phone. For instance I've used the Eye-Fi Pro card at the recent Mobile World Congress to live-upload photos from press conferences and the exhibition, straight from my Nikon camera, using a Novatel MiFi. While there's a workaround to do it that way, it's pretty limited and I always wished to have further access to the photos and videos. Now, Eye-Fi announced that it has launched the Eye-Fi Mobile Center Beta which allows users view photos on a smartphone, select photos to share online, edit tags, description for future card uploads as well as viewing and changing most Eye-Fi card settings straight from the phone.

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TECHNOLOGY: HTC introduces SLCD Displays to its Portfolio
Posted by Arne Hess - at 11:25 CET under 01 - General News

HTC today announced that it will use Super LCD (SLCD) technology for a variety of HTC phones including the HTC Desire and Google Nexus One later this summer. The SLCD display offers an exceptional natural balanced color, clear contrast, broad viewing angles and improved power efficiency. Because HTC is experiencing high-demand for many of its smartphones, specifically phones with 3.7" displays, the new SLCD display technology should allows HTC to ramp up our production capabilities quickly to meet the high-demand. SLCD is the latest generation of LCD technology that offers improved performance from earlier LCD panels including approximately five times better power management.

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Thursday, 15.07.10
VOIP: Telefónica O2 launches IP-based Consumer Phone services
Posted by Arne Hess - at 12:01 CET under 01 - General News

Some month ago, Telefónica O2 took over VoIP service JaJah and so far it wasn't clear what Telefónica O2 planned with its new acquisition. However, today O2 announced its first VoIP product which uses JaJah technology. The first in a wide range of services is being launched today by O2 Germany and calls O2 Global Friends. As an add-on to O2 Germany's O2 o tariff, customers can immediately start making calls to more than 60 countries at domestic rates of 15 Cent per minute only, regardless of whether the call goes to a landline or mobile network. With "Global Friends for O2 o" the customer can specify up to five numbers abroad, two of which can be mobile phone numbers.

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ENHANCED: Seesmic for Android now with Google Buzz support and Photo preview
Posted by Arne Hess - at 10:17 CET under 04 - Android News

Following Seesmic's earlier preview of Google Buzz integration into Seesmic for Android, the company yesterday announced the public availability of Seesmic for Android 1.4 which comes with a bunch of enhancements and fixes. Following the support of multiple Twitter accounts and a feature-rich interface, Seesmic now lets you add your Google Buzz account too. Furthermore, Seesmic for Android now features a worth inline preview of pictures and links, posted to Google Buzz and Twitter. In addition to this feature enhancements, the update also comes with an updated settings interface, OAuth implementation as well as UI improvements and bug fixes in the display and design.

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Wednesday, 14.07.10
FINAL: Opera drops Beta Status and releases Opera Mini 5.1 for Android
Posted by Arne Hess - at 09:59 CET under 04 - Android News

Opera today announced that it has dropped the Beta status and released Opera Mini 5.1 for Android, offering better browsing performance and improved user experience. Since its Opera Mini 5 Beta release, Opera Mini can now be set as the default browser for more convenient Internet access. Furthermore, Opera Mini 5.1 also offers improved page layout on high-end Android handsets with large screens as well as improved kinetic scrolling. In addition to providing speed and cost savings, Opera Mini 5.1 comes with useful features, such as tabbed browsing, password manager, bookmarks and Speed Dial, built into the browser to deliver easy web access while on-the-go.

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Tuesday, 13.07.10
COMBINED: Microsoft unveils new Windows Phone 7 features under the Windows Phone Live brand
Posted by Arne Hess - at 19:20 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Following the earlier information from Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, Aaron Woodman just unveiled another new Windows Phone 7 feature on the Windows Phone Blog: Windows Phone Live. Basically, Windows Phone Live is a combination of existing Windows Phone 6.5 features like My Phone under a new name and home. With the introduction of Windows Phone 6.5, Microsoft introduced My Phone Premium which allows to remotely wipe a Windows Phone 6.5 smartphone or get it remotely ringing. Furthermore, Microsoft's Live Mesh, which was just a technical preview and will soon fade away, allowed users to synchronize their phone with the cloud.

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DEVELOPMENT: Microsoft releases Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta for Windows Phone 7
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:45 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Also not yet that different but finally available in a Beta, not in a Technical Preview anymore,  and now officially announced, Andy Lees announced during his keynote a new version of Windows Phone Developer Tools, Microsoft made available yesterday evening already. Introduced at the MIX conference back in March, with the updated Beta, developers and designers can continue to build Windows Phone 7 apps on the final release of Visual Studio 2010. As always, also this update contains an an updated Windows Phone 7 OS image in the Windows Phone Emulator, updates APIs, updates documentation with new and expanded topics and addresses earlier discrepancies.

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RELEASE: Microsoft unveils further Windows Phone 7 Launch Details
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:28 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News

Today, at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2010 in Seattle, Microsoft's Senior Vice President Andy Lees unveiled further details of the upcoming release of Windows Phone 7. In his keynote, Lees addressed a wide range of key features but at the end of the day, Microsoft hasn't announced anything dramatically different or new. However, Lees again mentioned that the industry (or Microsoft?) had a problem with fragmentation in the phones but with Window Phone 7, developers will have a very consistent hardware target. And Microsoft seems to be confident that Windows Phone 7 will be a success (after the failure of KIN) because Lees said in his keynote that "We (Microsoft) are back and we are back with something very different and innovative"!

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UPGRADE: Acer releases Android 2.1/Eclair update for the Acer Liquid A1
Posted by Arne Hess - at 14:41 CET under 04 - Android News

Acer has recently released an Android 2.1/Eclair upgrade for its first Android smartphone, the Acer Liquid A1. While the follower, the Acer Liquid E with Android 2.1, was released shortly after the Liquid, it took a little bit longer for Acer to also make Eclair available for Liquid A1 users but finally it's here. The download on Acer's service & support website comes and goes, first it was available from the French site but disappeared after, this morning it was available on the UK site and now it's not available there anymore but now it's available from the German site but anyway - it's here (or there) available and the 134 MB firmware upgrade can be downloaded free of charge.

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Monday, 12.07.10
CODING: Google Labs releases App Inventor for Android
Posted by Arne Hess - at 12:26 CET under 04 - Android News

Google has just released App Inventor for Android, an online tool which allows users to build just any app you can imagine. App Inventor isn't just limited to simple games but it also allows to build apps that inform and educate. Nevertheless, the most important point is that to use App Inventor, users don't have to be a developer since App Inventor requires no programming knowledge at all. This is because instead of writing code, users can visually design the way the app looks and use blocks to specify the app's behavior. Google's App Inventor team has created blocks for just about everything which can be done with an Android phone, as well as blocks for doing "programming-like" stuff.

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Thursday, 08.07.10
LEAKED: T-Mobile U.S. Roadmap shows new HTC & Motorola Android & Windows Phone Smartphones
Posted by Arne Hess - at 13:47 CET under 01 - General News

AndroidSpin just received a blurry photo of a presentation which seems to be a T-Mobile U.S. second half 2010 roadmap. According to the presentation, the Samsung Vibrant and yesterday's announced Motorola Charm will hit T-Mobile U.S. stores on July 21st. Interesting enough, the roadmap also shows a Motorola Charm MR1 for an expected September release. While the two first smartphones were already known, even more interesting is the outlook with a couple of so far unknown Android, Windows Phone 7, HTC and Motorola smartphones. According to the roadmap, the HTC Vanguard (Android) will be launched early September with the HTC Emerald (Android 3.0?) to follow-up early November.

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ENHANCED: Google updates YouTube Mobile to give it a Kick-Start
Posted by Arne Hess - at 13:04 CET under 01 - General News

As Google wrote in its blog, "it's well known that the mobile Internet is huge and growing fast; what's surprising is exactly how fast". And Google says that - according to a recent report - within 5 years more users will connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs, following to explain that YouTube consumption on mobile devices has also grown considerably with playbacks were up 160 % in 2009 over the previous year. And that's why Google is excited to announce that YouTube Mobile now receives more than 100 million video playbacks a day. This is roughly the number of daily playbacks that was streaming when YouTube joined forces with Google in 2006.

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Wednesday, 07.07.10
UNVEILED: Motorola announces the Motorola Charm Android 2.1 Smartphone
Posted by Arne Hess - at 16:51 CET under 04 - Android News

Just days after it leaked to the Internet, Motorola today announced its newest Android smartphone with MOTOBLUR, the Motorola Charm. A touchscreen smartphone that packs a social networking punch with Android 2.1, a compact design and a BACKTRACK feature that makes screen navigation even more intuitive. The Motorola Charm provides consumers all the features of a smartphone with the intuitive navigation of a 2.8" QVGA TFT touchscreen - all in a compact, pocketable design that makes messaging a snap using the combination of a full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen. Motorola Charm will be the first device in the U.S. to feature an enhanced version of MOTOBLUR built on Android 2.1.

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UPGRADE: HTC confirms Android 2.2 and hints 3.0 Upgrades for the Legend, Wildfire and Desire
Posted by Arne Hess - at 13:58 CET under 04 - Android News

Following HTC's earlier information, that the company planed to release an Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade for the HTC Legend, HTC Desire and HTC Wildfire anytime early Q3-2010, Eric Lin, global PR and online community manager at HTC, gave Pocket-lint some more insights about HTC's Android 2.2 and even Android 3.0/Gingerbread upgrade plans. According to Lin, porting HTC's applications (and most likely the HTC Sense experience) to Froyo takes time and then HTC wants to make sure that it is running well on each of the company's devices. "That's not like a one week kind of project. We need to make sure that our applications are taking advantage of the Froyo features", Lin added.

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Tuesday, 06.07.10
BUGFIX: Motorola releases Firmware Update for European Motorola Milestone Customers [UPDATE 2]
Posted by Arne Hess - at 16:26 CET under 04 - Android News

Still not the expected Android 2.2 upgrade for the Motorola Milestone, Motorola Europe has just announced the release of an updated Android 2.1 Milestone build (MR2.5). This update provides improvements to the phone's performance which is said to be available to all European Motorola Milestone users. After downloading and installing the update, the Milestone should have improved stability which should prevents the phone from random power cycling (turning off and on) and minimizes force closes in certain applications. Furthermore the update contains alarm improvements which resolves issues with alarm functionality, improved music player functionality including audio quality enhancements.

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TAKEOVER: TweetUp acquires Twidroid and popurls
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:30 CET under 04 - Android News

Today, TweetUp, Inc. announced that it had acquired Austria-based Twidroid, creator of the (formerly?) most popular and Android Twitter client (before Seesmic and Twitter jumped into the game as well) and announced that the Twidroid will be renamed Twidroyd in order to ensure minimal confusion with products from Lucas Film. Furthermore, without giving any further details, it was announced that Twidroid Twidroyd will come standard on millions of upcoming Android phones from five of the leading handset manufacturers.  As part of the transaction, TweetUp, Inc. will also acquire popurls, which aggregates in one location the most popular items from news and social media sites.

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Monday, 05.07.10
UNVEILED: LG announces the Optimus-Series with its launch of two new Android Smartphones
Posted by Arne Hess - at 16:55 CET under 04 - Android News

LG Electronics (LG) today unveiled its upcoming LG Optimus Series, a line-up of innovative smart devices featuring the latest in mobile technology that will spearhead the company's newest campaign to highlight LG's ability to simplify consumers' information-dominated lives. LG Optimus, meaning "best" in Latin, will be comprised of devices running on a range of operating systems as well as Android Tablet PCs. By offering a variety of choice in operating systems and incorporating smart technologies, LG prioritizes consumer choice as a key strategy for expanding its footprint in the mobile industry.

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Friday, 02.07.10
APPROVAL: GCF approves Motorola EX300 - Another Low-End Android Smartphone?
Posted by Arne Hess - at 12:27 CET under 04 - Android News

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) just approved the Motorola EX300 and as always, the GCF isn't spilling any beans what kind of device the EX300 is. However, it's most likely that it could be another Android smartphone from Motorola. It's supporting triband GSM/GPRS/EDGE at 900/1800/1900 MHz as well as dualband UMTS at 900/2100 MHz. While neither HSDPA nor HSUPA are supported, it's said that the EX300 is featuring UMTS video telephony. Therefore it can't be a 2G/3G module neither it's likely that it's just an entry-market mobile phone because Motorola's latest mobile phones were all called WX-something and non of them supported 3G.

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