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BETA: IA Style released IA Caller ID Beta to Beta testers
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 30.04.03 - 09:06:41 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8556x
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IA Caller ID is a Microsoft Smartphone 2002 application - comparable to V2R's Caller2Picture for Smartphone - that allows you to assign photos to the entries in your Contacts. Then when a person calls you (for whom you have previously assigned a photo in Contacts), that photo will appear on your Smartphone's incoming call screen. Use the rich set of features to get the photos displayed with the size, position, and animated ID template you want.

IA Caller ID makes using your Smartphone more fun and practical than ever before! But this is just the beginning. You can even perform the complete maintenance of the Contacts in your Smartphone right from within IA Caller ID


  • Create new Contact entries, edit existing entries, and delete entries. A detailed view also lets you show Contacts and important information.
  • You can easily view the photo and group assignment status for any Contact entry, in the main view.
  • Create groups, rename groups, and add members to the groups (or remove members). Logical groups of Family, VIP, Business, and Classmates alike can all be easily created and managed.
  • You can choose to show all entries, or only those in Pocket Contacts, or only those on the SIM card, or by Group.
  • Assign a photo to any Contact entry stored in Pocket Contacts, or phonebook entry on the SIM card. The photo will display when you receive a call from that person/number on your Smartphone.
  • You can assign JPEG, BMP, still GIF, or animated GIF files as visual caller identification. (The files must be located either in My Documents of IPSM storage on your Smartphone, or anywhere on the Storage Card.)
  • A visual photo browser is provided, to simplify the photo ID assignment process. You can choose how you want the browser to display the thumbnails of photos, in different arrangements and orientations (3 x 3 Landscape, 2 x 2 Square, or 2 x 3 Portrait). The browser also shows you the photo dimensions and other image information of the current thumbnail.
  • The photos to be assigned can be stored in your local IPSM (flash) memory, or stored on the SD card.
  • IA Caller ID can re-size the original photo for you, to a smaller (user-defined) size stored in IA Caller ID's database. IA Caller ID transparently performs better photo post-processing for resizing and space saving. (The original large photo can be deleted to save valuable phone memory space.)
  • You can also re-size the display of the photo larger or smaller by choosing one of several pre-defined sizes.
  • Another option lets IA Caller ID detect whether or not the photo you have selected is large enough to display properly. If too small, IA Caller ID will automatically enlarge it to make better use of the allotted space.
  • Choose to show the photo only, or to show a fun Animated ID template along with the photo. Either "still" images or animated GIF files can be used for merging the photo into the selected animated ID template.
  • Specify Fit To Window or Smart Fit, when you want to assign your photo to merge with an animated ID template.
  • Choose either a Portrait or a Landscape animated ID template, which are included with the installation. And, if desired, you can download additional ID templates from our web site (individually or all).
  • A Preview mode allows you to preview still or animated ID templates before choosing. You can see a visual representation of what the photo or template composition result would be during an incoming call, without actually receiving an incoming call. You can also replace templates easily.
  • Choose from different display positions in which to locate the caller's photo in the incoming call screen, and preview it before saving.
  • You can assign a company logo or any other generic graphic to a Group. Then, any Contact phone number who belongs to that group but has no photo individually assigned to it, will display the Group photo on your Smartphone when calling.
  • Convenient multiple assignment - you can associate a photo with one, all, or multiple selected phone numbers for the same person.
  • After having assigned photos to Contact entries, it is not necessary to Unassign them if you ever decide you don't want the photos to display during incoming calls. You can simply use Options to enable or disable the general photo display function, at any time. Of course, you can also Unassign (remove the photo association permanently) if desired.
  • In Detailed view, you can view three types of data for the current Contact: phone number(s), e-mail address, and web page information. In addition, if you select a phone number in the Detailed view and press the Action button, that number will be dialed directly. Likewise, if you select an e-mail address and press the Action button, the Inbox will be invoked. And if you select a URL in Detailed view, Internet Explorer will be invoked and will go to that URL.
  • You can assign a generic photo to appear as the default for any incoming calls, or calls that are marked as "Unknown" or "Not Found."
  • Superior matching rules for phone numbers without international or area prefix numbers.

Looks nice so far and lots of picture related features/settings, even it if would be too colorful and fancy for me - oh man, right now I've realized I'm getting old... ;-) :D
Right now, the Beta is available for selected Beta testers only and not available for public download. A release date of the final version wasn't given so far by IA Style.

Cheers ~ Arne

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