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COLUMN: The tiny little gadgets no one should miss on fairs
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 18.03.02 - 18:05:00 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 7399x
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Back from CeBIT I reinvestigated for myself what saved my daily life, using a Pocket PC and a GPRS enabled mobile phone on my trip. It’s always the same on trips like that, you carry a lot of gadgets with you while you will use at least only a handful. Here is my personal top 10 list what I will never miss in future again, if I’m going on one week trips like CeBIT or any other conventions:


  • Bluetooth enabled Pocket PC: Anything else doesn’t makes sense for me anymore. My new Compaq iPAQ H3875 was the right companion during the CeBIT week. It had enough power to stay mostly connected and the built-in Bluetooth will be my minimum requirement for any new Pocket PC.
  • Bluetooth enabled GSM/GPRS phone: Voice calls are as important as data calls so a all in one solution wouldn’t fit for me. I’m still the traditional kind of mobile phone user and therefore I still need it in my pocket. However, it have to includes Bluetooth for connectivity to my Pocket PC as well as GPRS for connectivity to the GSM network. The Ericsson T68 was the right decision for me and it made its job well. Thanks to its triple-band it would do the same great job anywhere else in the world where GSM coverage is available.
  • Wireless connectivity: Also with me was my Symbol Wireless Networker W-LAN card to connect the public Wi-Fi network. It worked smooth and accessing the Internet wirefree through the Wireless LAN network wasn’t a big challenge. Even if there wouldn’t be a public Wireless LAN network, there was plenty of stand networks available for access (see also my column from the 3GSM Congress).


  • Carrying everything save: Thanks to Dale from Pocket PC Passion and Scott from Scott eVest I had my new Scott eVest V2.0 (a review will follow) with me. While the V1.0 was a vest only, the V2.0 includes removable sleeves, so this was the perfect jacket for Hannover. The eVest was the right place to hold all my gadgets and also the PAN became a new importance for me.
  • Typing the articles: Without my Stowaway keyboard, typing articles would be near impossible and therefore it was with me for sure. Thanks to Jason from Pocket PC Thoughts and Think Outside, I got the adapter to connect the iPAQ H3600 keyboard with my H3800 iPAQ (a review will follow) and it worked well. Also the new drivers (V1.6) did a proper job with the localization and I was able to wrote my E-Mails, articles and SMS with my German keyboard layout.
  • Powering the iPAQ:When I got my first sample of “Instant Power” last year at möbius US 2001, I thought by myself “who the hell needs this?”. Now I know who needs it – it’s me also. Instant Power recharged my iPAQ several times during CeBIT. The PowerCartridge - a compact, lightweight, disposable zinc-air battery - charges the battery in the iPAQ up to 3 times and lets me work for hours! I used my Scott eVest to store this cartridge while the PAN holds the SmartCord to the iPAQ. This was more than useful for me as there was no chance, during the day, to find a place for the power plug.
  • Navigating through Hannover: For sure also my Haicom GPS CF card was in the pocket of my Scot eVest which I used for navigation through Hannover during night times when I was walking through the city to find any party locations or at least my car (on my car itself I still use my built-in car navigation system).

These fine gadgets and accessories made it easy for me to stay connected with the world outside and even on the CeBIT it helped me a lot as I was able to use Instant Messaging – through the public W-LAN. I can really recommend this devices and accessories if you are doing same trips. In most cases you can leave your heavy and expensive notebook at home or do you really need a DVD drive while your are walking through fairs?

Cheers ~ Arne


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