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DIARY: Traveling with Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone only
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 18.07.03 - 11:24:02 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6857x
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As you might recognized I was a little bit silent this week because I was out of the office for some days off with my family (on this point a big, big thank you to Carlo for keeping PPCW.Net updated).
I decided to take the Smartphone and the Pocket PC Phone Edition with me only, unlike I wrote in my earlier column (THOUGHT: How much Smartphone, PDA or Notebook do you need to be mobile?) but because this wasn't a business trip but a leisure trip I don't wanted to work that much but mostly I planned to use the devices to track news and PPCW.Net as well as reading and writing a handful E-Mails. While my Smartphone was with me all the time, daytimes I hadn't had the xda with me and I must say (again, like 1000 times before ;-)) the Smartphone rocks! Beside the limited E-Mail access (please Microsoft, add more E-Mail accounts to Smartphone 2002!!!) it was my complete companion. And with "01 Communique's I'm InTouch" service I even was able to read all my E-Mail accounts from my DSL connected Desktop PC.

To travel as light weighted as possible I also left all keyboards at home and decided to use the new (updated) Spb Full Screen Keyboard only:

Full Screen Input Method

While the previous version was already close to perfect the new version is even better and I didn't miss an external keyboard for even one second! :-)

Another great feature of the phone is - for sure - the camera. Sure I also had my Nikon digicam with me but for snapshots nothing compares to it!

The pictures are just two clicks away and best of all is sharing the pictures with others right in the moment you snapped it. So I sent some MMS to my Mom's mobile phone (yes, she is using SMS and MMS ;-)) as well as some E-Mails to others, instead of the traditional postcard (and it even works faster: I've sent some of the E-Mails to NYC as well as to Hong Kong).

We also visited Goslar (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the most amazing stuff for me as a geek was that a restaurant on the market place uses Symbol ruggedized Pocket PCs with Wi-Fi to keep the orders.

Amazing, you are in a small village close to the Harz and even that areas are already high-tech enabled! :-> Fantastic and thanks to that we waited 2 minutes for our drinks only!

So overall the Smartphone/Pocket PC Phone Edition combination worked great for me on that trip and while a Notebook still makes much sense on business trips, on that kind of trips this light combination is near perfect. I stayed in contact with a lot of people via E-Mail, was able to share moments by sending pictures to friends and relatives and never had the feeling I missed anything in the office just because I took some days off. However, as in my earlier column, only one device - either the Smartphone or the PPCPE - wouldn't be enough.

Cheers ~ Arne


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