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DONE: My Thoughts about the PPCW.Net Relaunch
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 08.01.03 - 15:01:00 CET under 06 - Site News - Viewed 6385x
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Wow, finally it happened, I've relaunched PPCW.Net with a complete new interface and backend on my dedicated server. It was a long way from (which was my first Windows CE related website in 1997) to PPCW.Net V3. It started as a hobby and it is still a hobby but a little bit more intensive...

However, it was also a long way to PPCW.Net 3.0 which I wouldn't be able to release today without the help of Calin Brandabur. While I have some thoughts how the new PPCW.Net should looks like and which functions should be included, he had the magic fingers and the knowledge how to develop it in PHP - so my biggest thanks goes to Calin!
BTW: This was a pure interactive, teleworking based, cooperation. I've never seen Calin in reality nor I've had a voice call with him; everything worked with E-Mail and MSN Messenger! :-)

We was working on the relaunch for 3 months now and still have lots of ideas what to include and improve so stay tuned to get more functionalities in the future. The most impressing for me is that Calin doesn't use any predefined code but developed everything out of his knowledge.

If you find and bugs (I've already found some), it will be fixed within the next few days. Sorry that not everything works right from the start but hey - which software does it!? ;-)

Some thoughts about the handling:

PPCW.Net was designed to work even faster with its optimized source code, so I hope you feel a difference too. At least on my PC it runs faster than the previous version!
Also PPCW.Net allows you to be more customized now. Every time you see a box with that kind of arrow:

you can shut the appropriate box to be disabled. With this function PPCW.Net becomes clearer for you because you can decide what you want to get or not.

Your personal settings will be stored as a cookie on your PC and that next time you will get that layout your prefer. The charm of this is that it works even for non registered users so it doesn't matter if you are registered or not - from the layout point of view.
However, for sure you can reopen the box for sure as well. ;-)

Talking about registration: As before, every user can comment a PPCW.Net story and is allowed to post anonymously on the Forum. However, you can also register for the Forum which gives you some additional options like Signature, etc. Also only registered users can participate on all PPCW.Net raffles.
As you know, from time to time PPCW.Net is raffling some software or hardware which was reviewed as well as currently holding the relaunch raffle and the Socket raffle. Only registered Forum members, which subscribed to the raffle form too, can participate. The idea of the raffle form is:

  1. To understand the visitors of PPCW.Net better
  2. To draw prizes to the fitting user only

Therefore I ask for your device platform and device you are using. This helps me later to select the proper winner and makes sure that only the user win a prize which he can use with his device.

Finally, after all the work with the relaunch, now I have enough time to do what PPCW.Net is about - writing about Pocket PCs and Wireless. So from now I will step back into the news and review business, expect more Pocket PC related content soon! :-)

Oh yes, one final note: The Pocket Internet Explorer version of PPCW.Net isn't in place right now but will follow soon. Like the Desktop version, also the PIE version will be completely redesigned!

Hope you like the new PPCW.Net and enjoy your stay here!

Cheers ~ Arne


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