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FIX: NewsGator Go! tries to behave nicer in the next version
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 04.10.06 - 18:15:53 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 12689x
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One major features of NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile I forgot to mention is the ability to "skweeze" the full article output if you read feeds like the::unwired feed, which teasers a story only but doesn't shows images, etc. I've decided not to include images into the::unwired RSS feeds (yet) to keep the amount of data as small as possible to make it a nicer mobile device reading (and to lower the phone bills for all of us without flat Internet GPRS, EDGE or UMTS plans).
However, as with the Bloglines/Skweezer cooperation, the Skweezer-feature of NewsGator Go! rises another problem: Mobile optimized websites (like the::unwired) are skweezed. That's to bad since it ignores the mobile optimized page but skweezes the desktop version instead.

Kevin over NewsGator (the brain behind NewsGator Go!) has realized this issue too and he is already working on NewsGator Go! 1.x which will fixes this problem:

I previously posted about the news from Jason Calacanis about Weblogs Inc. making their sites render nicely on mobile devices and how this is very cool but presents a challenge for mobile clients… you can read more here and at the::unwired.

Here is what I plan to do about this in the next version of NewsGator Go! Currently, you can turn on mobile formatting for all your feeds. In this case, I am using Skweezer to transcode all web content external to my app (links to the original article, links to other articles, etc).

So, if I subscribe to blogs that behave nicely and render properly for mobile, the transcoding is going to jack things up. Sites like the::unwired and Engadget get penalized for doing the right thing. So, what I will be able to do is turn on/off transcoding at a more granular level on a feed by feed basis. That is pretty cool.

So, with these check boxes now in the UI it creates some extra clutter and uses valuable real estate. No worries though… just click on the “Mobile Formatting” menu option and the check boxes go bye bye. I know this isn’t the perfect solution. The user still has to go in and enable/disable formatting at a feed level but it at least provides a valuable option. Hope this helps!

Well, that's definitely good news and shows how flexible NewsGator is in recognizing issues. Thanks for picking-up this issue and finding a workaround for. Wish other developers would be as flexible and responsive as well and not blogging about my experience in response only.
Nevertheless, the new NewsGator Go! version isn't available yet but I will keep you updated about the development.

Cheers ~ Arne

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