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FOLLOW-UP: Bloglines' Skweezer implementation ignores handheld friendly sites
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 22.09.06 - 21:20:52 CET under 07 - Follow-Ups - Viewed 23190x
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Ouch, bad news! In my previous posting about Bloglines cooperation with Skweezer, I just wrote: "I hope, Skweezer isn't trying to skweeze the::unwired since we are serving a mobile device optimized version already which doesn't needs to be skweezed again." and indeed, links from Bloglines to the::unwired articles are skweezed.
Even worse, not the mobile optimized page is skweezed but the desktop version which results in a completely broken experience.

Without Skweezer (as I've designed it):

With Skweezer:

The problem is, that I'm using a combination of operating system and browser identification but since Skweezer modifies this string (because it acts as a proxy in between), my CMS isn't recognizing the mobile device as a mobile device anymore but serves the desktop version instead.
Unfortunately, Skweezer is also ignoring the "<meta name="HandheldFriendly" content="TRUE">" meta tag which identifies the::unwired as being optimized for mobile devices to pass-through transparently.
Since Bloglines doesn't offers a "raw" link as in addition (without using Skweezer in between), now the user experience for Bloglines Mobile users which wants to read the::unwired on mobile devices is completely broken.

What was intent to be a great idea, ends - at least for the::unwired visitors - in a fiasco, unfortunately. I hope Bloglines and Greenlight Wireless will provide a fix soon.

Cheers ~ Arne

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