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FOLLOW-UP: Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU 1.1 Hands Free Bluetooth Profile
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 17.03.06 - 15:41:00 CET under 07 - Follow-Ups - Viewed 27972x
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17.03.06 - It works - at least: During the last months, since I've tested the first AKU 1.1 devices with Hands Free Bluetooth profile and sync I had the problem that my Windows Mobile devices didn't sync well with my Parrot CK 3100, at least not if I had all my contacts on my devices but only if I had less then 100 there.
Pretty frustrating to see the sync-icon in the car kit all the time without finishing its job. Nevertheless, yesterday I was on Parrot's support site again to see if there is a new firmware available for the CK 3100 and since my last firmware update, and indeed Parrot already released two newer firmware versions with the following fixes and enhancements:

Version 4.14
* Better sorting of the phonebook after synchronisation with i-mate K-JAM.
* Better synchronisation with Nokia 6230i, with PDA and smart-phones under windows mobile 5.0.

Better sync with Windows Mobile devices sounds promising enough for me to update the firmware again and here we go. After the update (which I did for sure via Bluetooth) and re-bonding my Smartphone with the car kit, it took around 5 minutes or so and all my contacts were synced with the car kit, including calls made, calls received and missed calls. Pretty cool and now, my car kit is even worthier to use, especially because now I see who is calling, not by the phone number only but also by name, if part of my contacts list.
Unfortunately, the sorting/multiple numbers per contact wasn't fixed so far. So I still have multiple contacts with different numbers instead of one contact name with multiple numbers but I will not give up the hope, that Parrot can fix this issue sooner or later too.

Don't ask me where the fault was. If Parrot or Microsoft made something wrong here. All I can tell you is, that it is fixed now.

Anyway, one bad taste stays: how should a normal user get such a problem fixed? Not everybody is checking manufactures regularly for firmware updates and even if so, who can do a firmware update of a car kit via Bluetooth? You can't, if you don't have a Notebook and even if you have a Bluetooth enabled Notebook, I'm sure most users will stay away from such a task.

09.01.06 - Is 100 the limit?: All right, when I drove back this weekend the same route (another 3 hours ride) I decided to prepare my Smartphone new and removed most of my contacts but left around 100 only. Also I deleted the bonding, removed the car kit from the list of bonded devices and created a new pair. And what happened right after around 5 minutes? All the 100 contacts were synched between my i-mate SP5 and my Parrot CK 3100! :-) So far so good, now the bad news: when I arrived in Munich, I added another 100 contacts to the phone, tried another sync (during a 20 minutes ride) and nothing happened anymore. The car kit hadn't received any of the new contacts :-( but still displayed the first 100 only!
Then I decided to do the same as with the initial 100 contacts sync: deleting all the pairs, etc and creating a new pair with the result that again the car kit hasn't received a single contact anymore. So it looks like the limit is around 100 contacts, too bad. Right now, I'm not sure where the problem is, if it is the car kit, the Smartphone or the Bluetooth connection.

Anyway, with the initial 100 contacts pair I noticed something interesting in terms of the synced fields: normally (after the software update even better) the Parrot CK 3100 can list multiple numbers per contact like:

Arne Hess
W: 12345
M: 23456
H: 34567

This is pretty handy and comes close to how the Windows Mobile platform handles contacts (not to say that's the way how Outlook manages contacts) but instead of grouping multiple numbers with one contact name, the car kit showed the contacts this way:

Arne Hess/w
Arne Hess/m
Arne Hess/h

Which means I have up to three times more contacts in my car kit address book since every number generated one entry. I haven't seen this problem with other mobile phones nor it happens if I push a contact from my Windows Mobile contacts to the car kit - via Bluetooth OBEX profile. So something still goes wrong here.

02.01.06 - SYNC: Ok, two weeks ago (bellow) I've asked the question how long the initial sync between the car kit and the Windows Mobile 5.0 devices takes and I still not have an answer yet.
On 24th I drove home to my parents, actually a 3 hours ride from Munich to Frankfurt and during this 3 hours, the car kit was connected with the Smartphone and indicated the synchronization. But when I arrived after 3 hours, nothing was synchronized, at least not that I can see it in the car kit's address book. 8O
And now? How long should this initial sync takes? More than 3 hours? I'm sure Bluetooth is fast enough to get both synchronized, at least I do a lot of initial syncs between my Windows Mobile devices and PCs via Bluetooth but if ActiveSync would need more than 3 hours to get a calendar and address book synced, nobody would use it. So what's wrong here? Next step is to reduce the contacts in my Smartphone (from around 500 to let's say 100 or so) to see if this works and adding step by step the missing contacts.
Stay tuned for more info; I hope this will not become a never ending story.

14.12.05 - SYNC: Two weeks ago I reviewed the new Windows Mobile 5.0 Hands Free Bluetooth Profile which includes contacts synchronization between the Windows Mobile device and the car kit. Thanks to Microsoft, I got an i-mate SP5m Windows Mobile Smartphone last week which already includes AKU 1.1 which is required to use the sync feature. I have around 500 contacts on my devices/in Outlook and I really wonder how long an initial sync between the device and the car kit - over Bluetooth - takes?

Cheers ~ Arne

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