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GUI: HTC plans to continue with HTC Sense on Windows Phone 7 and Android 3.0
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 26.07.10 - 16:26:05 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 13750x
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In a recent interview with's Velocity blog, Drew Bamford, head of HTC's user experience design team, said that the manufacturer will bring its HTC Sense UI to its first Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Furthermore, without going into details, Bamford said, that Google may focus more on improving the user interface in general Android 3.0 but he doesn't think Google will precludes manufacturer customization. Back in February, when Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7, Microsoft said that it will take-over the UI guidelines for Windows Phone 7, keeping the control of the GUI. The same move is rumored for the yet unannounced Android 3.0, that Google plans to keep the GUI control.

All together both makes sense - Microsoft's (and possible Google's) take to keep control of the user interface to make it more or less the same across all devices running the Windows Phone/Android brand as well as continuing to innovate with HTC Sense. At the end of the day, HTC Sense isn't just a GUI enhancement as HTC TouchFLO was before but HTC Sense is a framework of GUI and services.

"Microsoft has taken firmer control of the core experience (in Windows Phone 7), but we can still innovate," said Bamford. "The future version of Sense, he adds, won't look the way it does on current Windows Mobile phones, where it basically replaces all the core applications and is fully integrated into the phone. (Therefore) we won't be able to replace as much of the core Windows Phone experience, but we will augment it." he said

This makes absolutely sense since Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 development guidelines allow ODMs and carriers to add their own tiles to the device's homescreens; and therefore it makes much sense that Windows Phone 7 users will see there a Windows Phone 7 compatible weather tile - with forecast animations - which runs as a stand-alone application. I'm quite sure, there's enough space for HTC (and other ODMs) to bring their flavor or customization to Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

Same could happen with Android 3.0 devices. While Google might lock some basic principals of the overall look and feel, I'm quite sure Google will continue with its homescreen widgets which again allows HTC to plug-in their own HTC Sense kind of applications into the OS.

Cheers ~ Arne

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