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HOW TO: Remote Display your Smartphone on your Desktop PC
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 26.02.03 - 15:02:00 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 35467x
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I love to use remote display applications to configure my Pocket PCs using my Desktop PC keyboard. This is even more convenient than doing it directly on the device, for instance if you enter your E-Mail account or configure other settings like your MMS client, etc.

On the Pocket PC I'm using Soti's Pocket Controller since it gives me the most convenient access and mostly all Pocket PC screenshots and screen videos/animations on PPCW.Net are done with Pocket Controller.

Unfortunately right now Soti doesn't have a Smartphone version available but thankfully some ARM based Pocket PC applications works also on Smartphones, even if the screen resolution isn't optimized.

Since the launch of Pocket PC in April 2000, Microsoft has an internal Remote Display application available which was published later on for public download too and this works (thanks to its pretty basic functions) even on a Smartphone.

Preparing the Installation
After downloading Remote Display Control you have to install two components: the RDC server on your Desktop PC and the RDC client on your Smartphone.

While the server installation works automatically you have to copy the CAB file to your Smartphone and install it by hand.

  • If you didn't changed any installation paths during the RDC installation, you will find the appropriate CAB file in "Program FilesMicrosoft ActiveSyncRemote Display Control"
  • Copy "ceremote.sa1100.CAB" to your Smartphone using Windows Explorer. If you have a file explorer installed on your Smartphone start the CAB file from that file explorer. If you haven't a file explorer installed, copy the file to "IPSMWindowsStart Menu" on your device and run the CAB file right from your Programs menu.
  • Now you should find "cerdisp" in the root of your Programs menu.

Using Remote Display Control
After you have installed RDC on both, your PC and your Smartphone you can use it as following.

  • Start "Remote Display Control Host" on the Desktop from the Start menu.
  • Now you will get an empty screen on your PC:
  • Start "cerdisp" on your Smartphone now. You will notice, that everything you see now will not fit into the Smartphone screen:

    On a Pocket PC this screen would looks like this:
  • But anyway. Press the action button to reach the next menu:

    Here the same screen on a Pocket PC display:

    You don't need to change anything in this screen like "Settings" but select "Connect" by using the D-Pad and press the action button again.
  • Make sure you are connected via ActiveSync with your PC and don't change the "Hostname":
  • Press OK again
  • Cerdisp hides now (working in the background) on your Smartphone but watch your Desktop PC in the same moment:
  • The Smartphone display appears on the previously empty window.

Navigating through Remote Display Control
To navigate through your Smartphone by using your Desktop keyboard, use the following keys:

  • Left Softkey: F1
  • Right Softkey: F2
  • D-Pad Navigation: Cursor Keys
  • Action Button: Enter
  • Home Screen: Windows Key
  • Back: Backspace/ESC
  • Volume Up: F6
  • Volume Down: F7

At least it's more or less the same keyboard layout which you might used to use from the Smartphone SDK.

With Remote Display Control you can edit your Smartphone settings in a more convenient way now. However, your Smartphone have to be "Certification Unlocked", otherwise you will not be able to install the client software on your device.

Also this isn't as comfortable like using applications like Soti Pocket Controller but it's good enough today to play with.

Also it's a great tool to display the Smartphone screen with a video projector for presentations (we have used this tool at O2 Germany on CeBIT 2001 also to display the screen of Pocket PCs on large Plasma screens).

Cheers ~ Arne

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