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IM: What's with the Yellow Mobile Icons? - finding out the truth
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Wednesday, 19.05.04 - 14:52:54 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 9051x
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MSN Messenger quietly made its way to public availability sometime in the latter part of April. I saw fellow MVP Paul O'Brien with the tag "MSN 6.2 - strange!" on MSN Messenger which prompted me to download and install this new version.

The first thing I noticed after completing the installation is that it now sports an extra set of icons.  These icons are Yellow Mobile icons. So is this of any special value to Windows Mobile users?

Let's find out the truth about MSN Messenger 6.2 and mobile devices.  With 6.2, emphasis is given to keeping in touch even when a person is logged off. Aside form the usual email option, two other options are added if the off-line contact wants to be contacted via alternative means.

These contacts that opt to be accessible are given the Yellow Icons which denote Mobile Contacts. Mobile Contacts are off-line contacts who have their passport accounts connected to MSN Mobile and may be contacted via SMS or via a Voice Service whilst being offline.

By selecting this option, you change your Red Offline icon into the Yellow Mobile icon which is also means Offline from MSN Messenger.

This is the prompt that you get when you try to send a message to a person who is offline but has chosen to be accessible via a mobile phone or pager (Yellow Mobile icon).

Contrary to news found on another site, the Yellow Icons are not limited to Windows Mobile Devices. Even the widely distributed Nokia mobile phones, Sony-Ericsson phones, and any current mobile phone that supports current SMS standards can receive alerts from MSN Mobile.

Here is how to interpret the icons. A Green icon simply means that the person is signed into MSN Messenger using a PC. A Green icon with a mobile phone icon means that the person is signed into MSN Messenger on a mobile device (Pocket PC via cellular phone connection, Pocket PC Phone Edition, Smartphone, Symbian-powered devices such as the Series 60 and UIQ). A Yellow Mobile icon if the person is Offline and opts to be notified via SMS on an SMS capable phone such as a Nokia, Sony-Ericsson,  Panasonic, Siemens and of course Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone too. A Red icon simply means that the offline contact can only be reached via email.

It is actually nice to see that MSN Messenger has the mobile user in mind.  While it may be available to users of various platforms, this will hopefully generate more users who may decide to opt for a Windows Mobile device which has MSN Messenger support built in.

MSN Mobile availability depends on the participation of the local cellular carriers and may not be available in some countries.

Other cools features of the new MSN Messenger 6.2 are:

  • AutoComplete in-line emoticons
  • Fun & Games
  • Audio connectivity enhancements
  • Connectivity Troubleshooter
  • And more

    Mabuhay! ~ Carlo  

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    Posted by Vagelis on 19.05.04 - 19:27:39

    Let's not also forget the "Send a Message to an MSN Direct Watch..." option too, for the SPOT users out there :-)

    Posted by Arne Hess on 19.05.04 - 19:43:57

    Oh, SPOT also? Cool! :-) Since neither Carlo nor me are in SPOT covered countries (by now) at least I wasn't aware that it also supports SPOT... Very nice and makes sense in terms of a clear end to end mobility strategy!

    Thanks for lettings us know!

    Posted by Mark on 17.09.04 - 16:02:52

    Cant figure out why the yellow mobile icon only appears for some of my contacts and not others when my MSN is signed off(mobile is set up and working and appears for some of my contacts). Something strange happening .

    Posted by Andy on 03.11.04 - 17:00:49

    Hi guys, can you givme some idea.. to.. block some people but other's can see me at msn mobile.. Becouse  the people that i block they send me messages at the cellphone, i don't know who to block them completely.

    Posted by Andy on 03.11.04 - 17:10:10

    [4] I've already fixed my problems thanks any way.  I simply blockthem and i appears offline Instead Msn mobile..


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