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MOBILITY: Sony launched a new Vaio line called Vaio type U
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 11.05.04 - 17:59:14 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 7869x
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Sony is well known for their mobile gadgets and what they released now makes me speechless again (I want it, I want it, I want it... ;-) )

The Japanese electronics giant on Monday unveiled the world's smallest personal computer that runs on Microsoft's Windows XP operating system.

The hand-held gadget called 'type U', a new product in Sony's VAIO series, weighs only 550 gm and measures 6.7 inches in width and is 108 millimeters high, the company said.

Priced at $1,873, including Japanese sales tax, the type U will hit the local market at the end of May.

Its standard memory capacity is 256 megabytes and hard-disc drive capacity is about 20 gigabytes. Input can be done by either a stylus - a pointed instrument used on pressure-sensitive screens - or a collapsible keyboard.

If this is running Windows XP for Tablet PCs (and not a propriety "Tablet PC" like interface) could become a serious competitor for further Pocket PC developments, at least it shows where the way might goes too.

In addition Sony also launched a range of other VAIO (Video Audio Integrated Operation) brand products, including a desktop computer with high quality screen called 'type V' and the portable music player 'VAIO pocket' equipped with a hard-disc drive that can store up to 13,000 songs and a color crystal display which might become a serious iPOD competitor.

"These new entertainment-driven devices offer a glimpse of Sony's vision of enabling users to enjoy a personal network of high-quality audio and imaging," Sony said in a statement.

Wow, amazing stuff from Japan... 8O Good that I will fly to Tokyo this year - now I know for what I will start saving my money for. ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by ms mobiles on 11.05.04 - 22:00:54

Cool device! So it looks like Pocket PC devices will become obsolete if people can have a device of similar size as Pocket PC but with full Windows XP! Don't you think?

Posted by pdantic on 12.05.04 - 05:40:36

Geeeeze. This is great! Leave it to Sony to come up with a great product like this! Any idea if it will be sold in markets other than Japan?

Posted by Rick on 12.05.04 - 08:42:11

It may compete with Pocket PC, but there is still the issue of software.  Windows XP software are much more costly.  So I don't believe this type of new PCs would mean the death of PPCs.  It's a really neat device though.  And I agree with Arne:  I want it, I want it...

Posted by jatoac on 12.05.04 - 11:09:58

if this would run winXP tablet pc edition...

Posted by Oliver on 12.05.04 - 17:56:37

I don't know if it is coincidence but it's EXACTLY the size of a betacam videocassette and EXACTLY twice the weight. Actually thinking about it - this is too accurate to be coincidence ! So, now you know how Sony designs their gadgets ;-)

Posted by Arne Hess on 12.05.04 - 18:11:15

LOL... That's cool stuff! You mean the good old Beta tape right? I'm still addicted to Beta (and even still have a Beta VCR) since it was much better than VHS but died because the wrong license politic from Sony... :-( Thanks for sharing it! I should check my Vaio Notebook... Maybe it's 16 times a Video8 tape or something like that!? ;-)

Posted by adamz on 12.05.04 - 21:55:27

It needs a different user interface.  The desktop version of Windows XP was not designed to be usable on such a small screen.  Also, there aren't any Windows XP applications designed to be used on such a small screen.

Posted by jayson on 13.05.04 - 02:37:29

That won't kill the ppc because that is not a PDA.

Here are several advantages (or differences) of the ppc vs. miniturized tablet pc's:

1)  PPC's still do a better job in organizing (it's a PDA anyway).  With a miniturized tablet pc, you will have to keep your MS outlook turned on and the comptuer running to give you all those appointment allerts, etc.

2)  Related to #1, keeping it on would mean more power consumption. 

3)  PPC's are still a third or half the price of that thing.

Posted by Mark on 15.05.04 - 20:21:01

I agree what jayson said, these devices won't take over Pocket PC because the real windows Xp  takes a lot more memory to run, making it a lot more expensive.  Also, Pocket Pc has the advantage of instant power up.

Posted by Will struggle due to: on 20.05.04 - 02:26:54

Battery life

Posted by Arne Hess on 06.06.04 - 14:46:00

[11] Sounds good but what do you mean with "not some dumbed-down Tablet PC OS"? Windows XP for Tablet PCs is a full featured Windows XP with some useful pen-driven enhancements like a kind of "Transcriber", etc... which makes the OS more useful to use it with pen based PCs. :idea:

Also I have to admit that I miss Bluetooth which is my prefered way to connect my mobile PCs to GPRS and 3G/UMTS and using a Bluetooth dongle or CF/PC card isn't that smart for such a device... sad

Posted by Tugas Tambahan on 06.06.04 - 06:39:23

[10] I had a chance to play with one of these units first hand here in Japan and I must say......  Whoa!  There are two flavors, one lower end 900 MHz Celeron M 256Mb one and another 1GHz Pentium M 512Mb version.  They run the full Windows XP Home Edition (900MHz) or Professional (1GHz), not some dumbed-down Tablet PC OS.  The screen is slick and beautiful and can pivot landscape or portrait-wise.  You can even hook it up to a full-size monitor and use it as a regular PC.  Battery life is claimed to be 2.5 to 6 hours depending on how it is used.  It also has 802.11 b/g and a compact flash slot.

Posted by jirishd on 23.08.04 - 00:06:57

the Xscale chip is capable of 1Ghz, of course we won't see it for some time to come. if this kind of scaled down TabPC takes a bite out of the PPC market, so be it, it can only prove to motivate the PPC makers to step it up a bit. so i say, cheers to Sony.

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