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PHOTOVIEW: Samsung SGH-i600 Extended Battery
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 01.06.07 - 15:00:15 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 20814x
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This is definitely nothing new for American Samsung BlackJack-owners but it's new for European and Asian Samsung SGH-i600 customers. As I've mentioned earlier, Samsung will sell all their new i600's with two different batteries: the standard battery and the extended battery (which replaces the second standard battery in the sales pack). Now, Samsung was kind enough to provide me an extended battery for testing. So what's the extended battery is about? Well, basically the Samsung i600 is a great device with all its features but all these features (especially UMTS and HSDPA) requires a lot of power. Therefore, the standard battery can be too weak for power users (and depending on the usage type, it can happens that the standard battery even not least a whole day).

That's what the extended battery was made to improve - providing more power to extend the standby time of the i600. Unlike the original Li-Ion battery, which has 1100 mAh 'only', the extended Li-Ion battery provides 1800 mAh and is nearly 1/3 thicker. Therefore, the original battery door doesn't fits anymore, if the extended battery is used. Because of this, Samsung also provides an extended battery door with the extended battery. On the left the original battery and battery door and on the right the extended battery and battery door:

As you can see bellow, the extended battery overlaps, compared to the original battery:

However, Samsung solved the problem much smarter as most mobile phones got it solved in the past - where you got a hump if you replaced the standard battery with an extended one. The new battery door covers the whole back side and encloses the camera hump nicely which makes it more or less a flat backside now:

Indeed, the phone became a little bit thicker now (and you can hardly call it an Ultra device anymore) but anyway, it doesn't hurts the look and feel of the i600:

I haven't measured the new standby time yet but from my subjective recognition - it holds much longer. On most days, I had one up to two bars left in the evening only. With the same usage pattern, now I have three up to all (four) bars in the evening. But I will follow-up with a Slingbox streaming test soon.

The extended battery should be available soon from Samsung retail stores.

Cheers ~ Arne

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