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POLL: What's your next Smartphone Platform? [CLOSED]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 05.11.10 - 14:23:55 CET under 10 - Polls - Viewed 19066x
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We had a similar poll running one year ago when we already asked what you next smartphone platform might be. It was exactly 6 months before Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 and when Android successfully ramped up. However, the question was about upgrading from the Windows Mobile OS to another smartphone OS. At that time, many readers left the Windows Mobile camp for good reasons and most of them went to Google Android while others went to Apple iOS, HP Palm's webOS or others went back to Nokia's Symbian OS and BlackBeery's RIM platform. Now, with the (upcoming) availability of Windows Phone 7, it would be interesting to know if you either plan or already came back to Windows Phone?

What is your next Smartphone Platform

Total votes: 301
Microsoft Windows Mobile -> Windows Phone 75819.3
Google Android -> Windows Phone 7227.3
Apple iOS -> Windows Phone 7 Apple iPhone175.6
HP Palm webOS -> Windows Phone 7 Palm webOS62
RIM BlackBerry -> Windows Phone 7 RIM BlackBerry10.3
Nokia Symbian -> Windows Phone 7 Nokia Symbian82.7
Yet undecided (Please specify in the Comments)72.3
Will stay with my current platform (Please specify in the Comments)18260.5

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments bellow.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by benschke on 05.11.10 - 14:52:24

I'm undecided yet.
Now: WM 6.5 on X1
definetly goning away from it, but I'm trying to figure out, wheter its Android cause of its "I-can-do-everything-cause-I'm-opensource" thing or wp7 because of its interesting new way of usability.

Posted by blake on 05.11.10 - 15:11:16

Sticking with Android for sure.

Posted by sudo on 05.11.10 - 15:12:58

This poll is a bit weird.
- Every option has " -> Windows Phone 7".
- There is no option like " -> Android". Nobody can choose Android for his next Smartphone platform?

Posted by networx on 05.11.10 - 15:24:21

I will keep android - there is no better way to fly wink

Posted by Mlynch on 07.11.10 - 20:23:45

Will definitely be sticking with Android. The poll needs an option for people wanting to go to Android or iOS. I guess this site is WM biased?

Posted by thevirtual on 07.11.10 - 23:45:24

I will stay with my iOS-device.
Most of real users do spend a lot of money for Apps they need. To buy all Apps again for another plattform is too expensive in my opinion.
My alternative would be Android...

Posted by heliod on 08.11.10 - 06:24:22

I am currently very happy with Android on my HTC Desire.

But I can't avoid the curiosity of trying the new WP7, so I guess my next phone will carry this OS.

The real question for me is what will come after that......

Posted by memtronic on 08.11.10 - 12:58:02

I don't see Windows Mobile -> Android.
Android definetly will be my option.
WM7? No way!

Posted by Kath on 10.11.10 - 12:56:33

I'll stick to my current OS as I switched to Android since june (with a Samsung Galaxy S)
As a long-time Symbian user who also uses a WinMo phone for work I'm very pleased with the Android OS.
Just upgraded to the Dutch version of Froyo 2.2 last friday and it runs like lightning! :-)

Got my phone rooted for the first time also. I wanted to wait for Froyo 2.2 before doing so.
No lag or gps fixes installed; Just installed Wifi Tether for Root Users

I never encounterd the glitches with the gps and lag like reported people are reporting (on mostly US sites)
My Galaxy S is the 16GB version + 16GB sdhc card and is simlock free.

However if the Dutch verions of WP7 will be available I'll give one a try as successor to my old Omnia II
And I sure will check out the E7 as it comes to the Netherlands.

Posted by Jack mccaffey on 16.11.10 - 18:57:26

I'll be sticking with The Droid

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