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PROJECT: wants to redesign the Windows Mobile GUI
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 12.07.07 - 16:05:58 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 19465x
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No question, as great and powerful the Windows Mobile platform is, as sexy is the Apple iPhone graphical user interface (GUI). I mean, take the HTC Touch which has a great new touch screen technology but a kind of poor user interface if you want to use it with your thumbs only, since the Windows Mobile Professional and Classic GUI is still pretty stylus driven.
This is where the project jumps into the game which plans to develop a new interface which should be based on Adobe's Flash CS3:

I recently upgraded to Adobe's Flash CS3, and to my surprise I stumbled upon Flash development for mobile devices... I knew from my web design experience that Flash was no longer limited to just simple games and interactive website but you could also develop some pretty functional applications with it. When I opened up a new project for a Windows Mobile device in CS3 and started digging around it became clear to me... THIS WOULD BE A FANTASTIC DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT TO BUILD A NEW COOL INTERFACE FOR A WINDOWS MOBILE PHONE! That's when I started playing around... and within only a few hours I was able to have a new launcher screen up and running with shortcuts to several apps on my device sporting full PNG transparency support, a full screen interface, and interactive and dynamic content using the wonders of Flash itself! I have played with the Windows Mobile SDK... and unless you are a full on graphics (GAPI) geek you couldn't come close to this "fancy" stuff using the SDK! So begins my new project!

Since this seems to be a one man project (yet), the developer has already announced what he plans to do first:

  • A New Launcher
  • A New Locking Screen
  • A Weather Application/Widget

The developer also want to let everyone know that the intent of this project is not to duplicate the iPhone interface but it just want to take some of the principles of that user interface and bring it to Windows Mobile platform! One of the big keys here is operating the phone with just the thumbs.
The Beta (or better Alpha) isn't yet available for public download but you can register on the site if you are interested to become a Beta tester.

Cheers ~ Arne

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