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RELEASE: ExB petitpetit announces today's release of - The 1st E-Mail Client which understands E-Mails [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 29.11.13 - 12:18:16 CET under 04 - Android News - Viewed 8872x
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Do you remember I wrote about back in October? Today, Munich based ExB petitpetit announced the upcoming release of the the first - as ExB petitpetit describes it - "truly contextual E-Mail app", which integrates also tasks and calendar and proactively suggests information that is important to users, based on location and time. We all have a common problem: E-Mail overload, which is even worse on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, where we have to work with a more limited screen estate. And the sheer quantity of E-Mails we receive makes using E-Mail a daily chore we dread. However, ExB petitpetit said that E-Mail productivity on smartphones is finally becoming reality, with the help of

I had the pleasure to test it the past days and like every other E-Mail app, receives E-Mails and allows you to write them. However, is much more since it organizes E-Mails in a contextual way, which is grounded on AI and deep linguistic algorithms, which allows the smartphone to finally "understand" E-Mails, rather then just receiving and displaying them. comes with a customizable Homescreen which provides an overview of the personal content so users can quickly access specific information within the app. So called "Smart Folders" are automatically generated based on free defined filtering and populated with relevant and related content. The unified inbox allows to receive E-Mails from different accounts. Within an E-Mail, related mails are directly shown at the bottom of the E-Mail. Furthermore comes with a feature called "Attachment Suggestions" which depends on what is written and which is said to simplify the workflow.
The "Personal Assistant" helps to find the right recipient for each E-Mail, based on the behavior and text written. "Contextual Calendar Entries" can be generated right from an E-Mail including relevant text snippets; like "Contextual To Dos" which can be also created right out of an E-Mail if lists are recognized.
On top of this, is also analyzing the patterns of communication behavior and suggests "Current Information" which might be important to the user - based on the location and time. "Smart Search" uses contextual data as well and is applicable on the entire database. Last but not least, provides Offline Access to all downloaded E-Mails with full use of E-Mail client functions.

Sounds powerful? Is powerful but what about privacy, since knows much more than just an average E-Mail client? As a matter of fact, privacy is a hot and important topic for ExB petitpetit and therefore it ensures privacy by computing and storing everything on the device itself; there are no connections to any clouds or external servers.

While is out of Beta now, it's said to be "still very young" and therefore users are asked to "please be patient with it".  ExB petitpetit felt that the software is broad enough to enable users to work with it, but it knows that there are still functionalities missing. Therefore, ExB petitpetit wants to know from real world users what they are missing most (hint - HTML viewing is coming up). As you can expect, such a powerful app requires some horse power, therefore it's definitely not made for entry level smartphones and even some HTC One and Galaxy Note II were reported to had some problems. However, ExB petitpetit assured that many others don't have problems at all so this is why ExB petitpetit wants to reach a broader audience to sort out why problems occur. As you can expect, such an "app in development" (even if not Beta anymore - I tested the Beta), will get frequent updates so stay tuned for more features and fixed bugs. is will be available free of charge from later today (link to Google Play will be added as soon as available) and for now, the free version is supporting one E-Mail account only! However, right from the start it will be available in English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Russian, with more languages to follow.

Cheers ~ Arne

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