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REVIEW: Cerience RepliGo for Microsoft Smartphone 2002
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 29.04.03 - 14:35:19 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 9120x
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For some days now, Cerience's RepliGo for Smartphone is available. It converts, optimizes, and transfers documents from your desktop computer to your Smartphone including: Microsoft Office documents, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat PDF files and even Web pages!

Virtually any other document, report, image, or file you can print such as Microsoft Project files, Visio drawings, WordPerfect documents, CAD drawings, maps, e-mails, and more.

RepliGo contains two applications: the RepliGo viewer for your Smartphone and the conversion engine for your PC. Please note, that documents needs to be converted prior you can watch them on your Smartphone.

After you've installed RepliGo on your PC, you will notice several additions and changes:

  • On the Desktop you will find a new icon called "RepliGo Desktop". It contains basically help files only and isn't required to convert documents:
  • Within Office applications you will find two new RepliGo icons:

    The left one with the arrow converts your current document while the right one is a link to the Desktop application above.
  • A new printer in your settings as well as selectable from virtually any application:

The virtual printer is the heart of the system as it converts your files to a RepliGo compliant file and works similar to Adobe Acrobat or Margi Presenter-to-Go.

Converting a File
Just open any file you want to take with you and select "Print" from the "File" menu. In the print dialogue you have to select RepliGo.

Now simply press "Ok" to print the current file and RepliGo is ready to convert. However, a new pop-up appears and asks you first for the file name and where to save the converted file.

Unfortunately the file synchronization via ActiveSync isn't supported by the Smartphone today. Therefore you can not save it to your "My Device" folder but have to transfer it to your Smartphone later by hand. So remember where to save the output file.

RepliGo starts now to create your file and notice you, if conversion is done and you will find the RepliGo file where you have saved it.

Please note that because no Desktop viewer of RepliGo is available, you can not watch it on your PC but on your mobile device only.

Now copy/paste the file to your Smartphone and place it into the "IPSMMy Documents" or "Storage Card" folder.

Using RepliGo on the Smartphone
Start RepliGo on your Smartphone to open your converted file:

From the Menu select the Folder where you put the converted file to and you get the overview of all available RepliGo documents there:

Now open the file and it appears on your Smartphone screen:

The Menu gives you several options like "Whole Page", "Flowed", "Zoom" viewing as well as going to a dedicated page or watching the file in "Full Screen" mode "Rotated":

Pretty handy is "Flowed" as it leaves every picture but shows the text only. This text can be watched in different sizes from "Smallest" to "Largest" and makes reading documents easier as you don't need pictures in most cases but the text only:

Now you can take virtually every document from your PC with you - wherever you are!

Final Conclusion

RepliGo for Smartphone is one of the most valuable applications for Smartphones today and a real must have for every mobile professional! It increases the productivity of your Smartphone as it makes a "dump phone" to an information storage device and since you can print more or less every file, you can take near every document with you, doesn't matter if it is a Microsoft Office document, graphic or others. Also a nice feature is taking web pages with you, something I really like to do is having FAQs with me or other not to often changed pages.

The only downside for me is that conversion always has to be done on a PC which means RepliGo isn't the right application to open attachments you got by E-Mail as long as the sender hasn't converted it into RepliGo which is more or less unrealistic. But anyway - that's not the RepliGo approach, to develop a general document viewer but a customized one for the user.

I have converted around 15 - 20 important documents which I have with me all the time now. So even if I'm mobile and get a call from a customer, I have all important information with me, without booting my Notebook which I haven't with me most of the time anyway.

So if you also have to carry documents with you or simply want to take your favorite web sites with you, you seriously should give RepliGo a deeper look and don't forget that a Pocket PC version, which works near the same, is also available from Cerience.

RepliGo for Smartphone is certified and works therefore with all Orange SPVs, doesn't matter if is application locked or unlocked!

RepliGo for Smartphone is available from Handango for US$24.95 and Cerience also offers a 14 days trial download version from their website.

Cheers ~ Arne

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