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REVIEW: CodeWallet Pro 2006 from Developer One
Posted by Daniel Simnacher - on Friday, 15.09.06 - 14:00:16 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 13411x
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In August Developer One released a new version of it's award winning software CodeWallet Pro, which is now available in the version 2006 / v6.1. In my opinion this program belongs to the "must have" of PocketPC software, so I have to take a closer look on the new version.
CodeWallet is not only available for PocketPC and Smatphone, there is another version for Windows based Desktops, which gives you the ability to manage your Wallets on your PC and synchronise it with your mobile devices. But what’s new in the version 2006? Develeoper One added some really nice features like a comfortable Desktop printing of your Wallets, an optimized Data Synchronisation, an enhanced card formatting, a improved navigation and so on. So you see it's worth to have a closer look at it.

Before I'll start, here is a small security excursion to show you CodeWallet keeps your passwords really secure. Developer One uses a 128-bit RC4 encryption method to secure your data. The RC4 algorithm is also used in WEP, one of the security standards to secure your W-Lan, some of you have heard that this has been cracked. But this security lack belongs to the keylength which is used, a 40-bit key can be cracked with actual hardware let's say in a view hours, but if you increase the keylength to 128-bit, which is used by CodeWallet, the time to crack this increases up to, well let's say really pessimistic, a view years. I think this will give you enough time to change all of your passwords.

But now back to topic, CodeWallet Pro is available in many languages, which is really good for all those who want to have software in their first language. Here is the list of languages:
English US, English UK, German, Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian.
More languages will be available soon.

After the installation of CodeWallet Pro and starting up you will be asked to enter the password for the sample Wallet. After entering the password you'll have a nice look at all possibilities that CodeWallet offers. This first basic feature is that you can organize your data in folders, for me this is really important because if you more than 50 records without any folders it would be very complex.

By tapping on folders or records you'll be able to add new cards or folders, edit the properties of the folder or record, cut paste delete rename it or to export it. By adding a new folder can set the name of the folder, select an folder icon, chose an default card from (which is used by adding new cards to this folder) and place it to main level or deeper.

Let's see how adding a new card works. By adding a new card first you have to select the card type which you want to add. My first card entry was a website, the::unwired, what a surprise ;-). In the website form you’ll be able to enter the name of the card, the url, user ID, password, and some features of the website.

By opening the new card, you'll see all the entered information. To the url line a Internet Explorer icon is added, which gives you the ability to open the website by tapping on it. It's also possible to add documents like Excel-Sheets or anything else to a card, as you see in the second screenshot, by tapping on the clip the attached document will open. So CodeWallet does not only save your passwords it's also able to secure your confidential documents.

Another nice feature is the search functionality, this is really useful if you have a lot of cards in your Wallet. By tapping on "Find" a search field is shown. Here you can enter any search term, if this is stored in your cards, CodeWallet shows all cards with matching keywords in it.

As you have seen in the first screenshot there is also an "My Favorites" functionality, where you can add your most needed cards to, to get fast access to them.

Last but not least here is a list of the major features that I not mentioned before:

  • 40 predefined layouts, all forms can be a edited or deleted
  • Easy building own layouts by using the integrated form editor, on the Developer One website there a many additional layouts uploaded by users
  • More then 140 included icons to label your cards and folders
  • Import and export your data
  • Automatic closing of the Wallet after a predefined time range
  • One registration code for both PocketPC an Smartphone version

Final Conclusion

With CodeWallet Pro 2006 your able to store your secret information on your PocketPc real secure, o.k. this is the major reason why you use this. But CodeWallet also offers many really useful features, which makes the handling of sensitive data more easily. After two weeks of heavy use, I can definitely say this software is a secure and comfortable way to manage your passwords on your mobile device. If I have to rate it I'll give respective 8 out of 10 points. One point missing, you know, no software is perfect, and one point because the encryption method could be 256-bit RC4 like other do this. But I'm sure 128-bit are enough to keep your data secure. So respect to Develeoper One for this piece of software.

so long | Daniel Simnacher

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