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REVIEW: Jeyo Mobile Companion for Pocket PC and Smartphone
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 20.06.04 - 00:05:00 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 15832x
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Jeyo Mobile Companion is an ideal PC partner application for your Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone Edition device. It allows you to operate your Window Mobile device from a Windows PC through a familiar ease-to-use Outlook-style user interface. It lets you to communicate instantly with hundreds of millions of mobile phone users around the world using SMS directly from your PC, and manage all the important personal data on your Smartphone or Pocket PC phone. With Jeyo Mobile Companion, you can get much more out of your PC and Windows Mobile device.

Right after the start Jeyo Mobile Companion impresses with a tidy user interface - similar to the well known Microsoft Outlook with shortcuts on the left and a main window on the right:

The left navigation pane includes links to all SMS folders, your Contacts - stored on the device and includes Phone Memory (Outlook contacts) and SIM card contacts, your call history and system information:

The SMS Inbox contains all the SMS messages you received with your Pocket PC Phone Edition or Smartphone:

and a double click with to mouse to a message opens this message in a new window:

From here you can read the complete SMS and forward or reply to it. Also it allows you to browse to the next/previous message. In case you want to reply to it, the window changes and on the bottom (in grey) you still can see the original message while you can enter your text in the white window above.

If you want to add additional recipients, just click the "To..." button to get your contacts list. History shows you your recently used mobile phones numbers. By default every send SMS is stored in the "Sent Items" folder (remember - on your phone, not on your PC which is pretty hand as you will have the copy with you, even if you leave the PC) and you can check for a status receipt as well.
If your SMS gets to long (Jeyo Mobile Companion supports long SMS) you will get the notification by the character counter on the bottom as well.

In case there are SMS to be send, the will be stored in the next folder - Outbox while Sent Items contains copies of SMS messages you've sent through your device or with Mobile Companion.
If you delete SMS messages, they will be stored in Deleted Items (as with Outlook) and here you can either recover them or completely delete them.
Last but not least Drafts. Here you can store frequently used templates.

Remember - all the folders above are synced from your mobile device too your PC. As soon as you disconnect your Windows Mobile powered device, the messages disappear from here. In case you want to store your messages on your PC - as a backup - you can also export them!

The Contacts category includes your - from Outlook - synchronized PC contacts (called Phone Memory) as well as all your SIM card contacts:

While the phone memory contacts contains mobile, home, business phone number and the E-Mail address, the SIM card contacts (can) contain just the one number you've given the contact.

However, with both contact list you can directly send a SMS to a selected contact or - which is pettey handy - you can copy the contacts. Either from the SIM to your phone (and from here it is synchronized to your Outlook PC) or from your Outlook database to your SIM. As with the SMS messages, you can also export your contacts here:

Call History
This feature gives you a quick overview about the calls you received, made or missed. Similar to the call history on Smartphones or Pocket PC Phone Editions:

System Information
Provides you a quick overview about the vital information of your device like battery condition and memory information:

Beside the information and SMS and contacts options above, Jeyo Mobile Companion includes two more interesting features which are available from the Tools menu:

Install CAB/HME File
While the Pocket PC includes a file explorer, Smartphones doesn't includes it (by default). So if you want to install a new program on your Smartphone, this can become a pain, especially if you don't have a file explorer. But even if you have one, navigating through most of the file explorers might be a little bit inconvenient! Much easier is to use the Install CAB/HME functionality above. Simply select the CAB file you want to install on your device and the rest is done by Mobile Companion.

Same for Home Screens with Install HME.

Capture Screen
In addition you can capture screen shots from your mobile device and best of all, Mobile Companion already supports Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for both - Pocket PC and Smartphone:

Above you can see Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003 SE in portrait and landscape as well as Smartphone 2003 SE.

Final Conclusion

Jeyo Mobile Companion is the ultimate tool (for me) to send and receive SMS while my Pocket PC Phone Edition or Smartphone is in the cradle, like during the daytime in the office. I was already asked how can I reply that fast and no - it's not thanks to T9 but thanks to my QWERTY keyboard. Also it lets you organize and backup your messages and easily empty the Deleted Items folder on your mobile device! Another great feature is the ability to organize your SIM card contacts (organizing the phone contacts isn't that necessary at all since I do it with Outlook on my PC anyway but completes the feature set).

Really useful is to remotely install CAB files. Many great applications are available as a CAB only and installing it on a Smartphone was a pain - until Jeyo released Mobile Companion.
Nice to have for everybody who needs screen shots is the screen capture option. I'm using this feature heavily for PPCW.Net, as you can imagine!

Jeyo Mobile Companion is a must have utility for messaging junkies since it never was so easy to send SMS messages! All the other features completes a great product and makes it 100 % perfect. I like the way, Jeyo integrated the features because every Outlook user will feel comfortable right after the installation and as soon as your device is recognized by ActiveSync (which is required) Mobile Companion also recognize your device and starts up within seconds.

Until July 31, 2004 Jeyo Mobile Companion is available for a special introductory price of US$ 9.95 from A trial version is also available and worth to try anyway!

Cheers ~ Arne

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