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REVIEW: Pocket PC Techs Lil' Sync Penguin Charger
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 22.03.07 - 17:20:05 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 13946x
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Travelers know the problem - an AC charger for the mobile phone, another one for the PDA and a third one for the MP3 player and it can becomes even worse if you also need another one to be used in the car, for instance to use your Windows Mobile device as a navigation kit. For travelers and any others with multiple devices, the Pocket PC Techs Lil' Sync Penguin Charger is a handy solution to get rid of carrying multiple chargers because Pocket PC Techs latest Lil' Sync Penguin Charger is a standard AC adapter and automobile adapter in one. And if your device can be charged through the USB port of your PC, it can be also charged with the Lil' Sync Penguin Charger!

If you see the charger it's clear why it's called "Penguin Charger" - it looks like a penguin:

The Lil' Sync Penguin Charger makes charging your device from your home, car or office simple and convenient. With fold-out power pins and a hard plastic protective cap, this combination charger is perfect for travel:

The Lil' Sync Penguin Charger features an AC input of 100 ~ 240 V (and therefore works virtually worldwide) as well as a cigarette lighter input of 12 ~ 24 V by providing a DC USB output of 5.1 ~ 5.6 V at 1,000 mA ± 10%. Therefore it can charges most devices which accepts a USB sync and charge cable (like most Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones as well the latest Apple iPods).

Simply plug-in the USB adapter into the charger and connect the other end with the mobile device:

As mentioned before, the Lil' Sync Penguin Charger charges basically any device which can be charged through the USP port of a PC since it simulates the PC USB output.

Final Conclusion

The Lil' Sync Penguin Charger is a pretty handy accessory for mobile device users since it combines two products in one: a standard AC adapter which can be used in virtually every country around the world and a cigarette lighter adapter which lets you charge and use your mobile devices in cars as well. For travelers, this combination can become useful, let's say if you use a rental car at your final destination. While you are driving from the airport to the hotel, you can charge your device to use it as your navigation system and as soon as you reached the hotel, you can use the same adapter to continue charging the device in the hotel room.

Since it is in the nature of the USB specification, charging your device can takes a little bit longer. In my tests it was about 1/3 longer compared to charging a Windows Mobile device with the original charger. However, this shouldn't be a problem at all since most devices are charged during the night anyway and it doesn't matter then, if it takes 3 or 4 hours. The convenience is way more important, at least for me, and the Lil' Sync Penguin Charger reduces the stuff I have to carry on my bags while I'm traveling and the fold out pins makes it even easier. Something I definitely appreciate.

The version I've tested above is the EU version with the round European connectors but Pocket PC Techs also offers a US version with flat connectors. Last but not least, the Lil' Sync Penguin Charger is U/L, CE, E13 and RoHS certified for use in the US and abroad, including Europe and other countries.

For the price of US$ 24.99 only, the Lil' Sync Penguin Charger doesn't includes any cables but you can either use any sync and charge cable which came with your device or if you want to save even more space, you can enhance the experience with Pocket PC Techs Lil' Sync Retractable Sync-N-Charge Cable.

If you are a heavy traveler and using cars often, I can warmly recommend the Lil' Sync Penguin Charger. If you just need another spare charger for your mobile device, it might be an option you want to consider as well.

The Pocket PC Techs Lil' Sync Penguin Charger is available from Pocket PC Techs as well as from other online shops around the Internet.

Cheers ~ Arne

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