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REVIEW: Xronox Total Input for Pocket PC
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 28.04.03 - 21:35:46 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 11771x
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Xronox's Total Input for Pocket PC is a remote control software for your Pocket PC/Desktop which lets you control your Desktop from your Pocket PC. It can replace both keyboard and mouse and provide wireless connection up to 100 meters (with Wi-Fi) range or more.


  • Touch Pad Mouse with scroll buttons
  • Left mouse click directly via touch pad
  • Basic keyboard with extended most useful control buttons including F1 - F12 buttons
  • Support of Block Recognizer, Letter Recognizer and Transcriber
  • Supports wired or wireless connections.
  • Developed with .Net Compact Framework

Total Input comes with two parts: the Pocket PC application and the Desktop PC server software. Both components require the Microsoft .NET framework which requires on a Pocket PC around 1 MB. So please keep this is mind first, that you need to have enough space available on your device.
As much as this might annoy some people, please keep also in mind, that the new Microsoft Pocket PC and Smartphone version will include .NET by default, so you can be sure that applications which already work today with the .NET compact framework will also work in future and in closer future we will see more or less most software released on a .NET base.

So after you've installed your Pocket PC client and the Desktop server you are ready to go. Total Input works via TCP/IP on port 6606. However, if you don't have a firewall on your PC, you don't have to take care about this.

Running Total Input
To use Total Input, you have to launch the server on your Desktop first and then the Pocket PC client server. On the Pocket PC tap Connect to connect your device with your PC; that's it - if you don't get an error message on your Pocket PC you are connected.

To test it, you are successful connected, simply move the stylus on the Pocket PC screen and watch if your mouse pointer on your PC moves as well, amazing - isn't it!? ;-)

On the bottom you see four buttons: Left, arrow up, arrow down and Right.

  • Left is equal to the left mouse button.
  • The arrow keys are more or less equal to a mouse wheel.
  • Right is equal to the right mouse button.

Below this buttons you can hide/show the buttons or opens the soft-keyboard. This keyboard is a complete copy of a standard Windows XP compliant keyboard with Function keys, Windows key, Ins, Alt, etc.

So virtually you will be able to control every application on your PC with using your Pocket PC only. This might be pretty nice if you want to use your Pocket PC as remote control for PowerPoint as it allows you to move through the slides wireless.

Final Conclusion

As cool the overall concept is as much I miss a better interaction between the Pocket PC and the Desktop. If I remember right, Toshiba has released a Notebook with slide pad which includes an LCD display. This means you get additional information on the slide pad like Outlook appointments or others. This is something I also would like to see integrated into Total Input. Like getting displayed a set of favorite bookmarks which opens the site on the Desktop PC when I tap on it from the Pocket PC. Or showing PowerPoint notes of the current slide. So you can walk through a room, watch your notes on your Pocket PC and remote control PowerPoint with your device wireless. I think the opportunities are endless, at least Xronox built a great platform for this kind of enhancements.

Today - in this stage it might be something for geeks only, anyway - a concept I really enjoy and will enjoy even more with more of this add-ons which interacts between the Pocket PC and Desktop PC!

Regarding support of Block Recognizer, Letter Recognizer and Transcriber, it seems not to work with my configuration but Xronox already responded that they will have a look. If this will work - it's even better since I can upgrade my Notebook PC to a Tablet PC then. ;-)

Total Input 1.0 is available from and costs US$14.99. A trial version is available for download also.

Cheers ~ Arne

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