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RUMOR: Is this Windows Mobile 6.5 "Second Edition"?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 22.08.09 - 19:05:24 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 16539x
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If you are a long-time Windows Mobile user, you might remember Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, which was an update to Windows Mobile 2003. And, as we recently learned from DigiTimes, there are rumors that Microsoft will introduce a Windows Mobile update between the soon to be released Windows Mobile 6.5 and the future main release Windows Mobile 7. While neither the Windows Mobile 6.5 update (which I'm going to call "Second Edition" for now) nor Windows Mobile 7 are official yet, it came to my mind that the 6.5 Second Edition might be be based on the recently leaked Windows Mobile builds.

If you have a closer look at the following screenshot, which represents a very new Windows Mobile 6.5 version (Build 23034), you see some serious differences between the Windows Mobile 6.5, as we know it today and what Build 23034 shows us:

Look at the top-bar which is now expandable in a way Windows Mobile was never before or notice that the Windows Start flag moved from the upper left corner to the lower left (quite similar to Windows Mobile Standard devices where the Start flag was on the lower left corner from the beginning).

Furthermore, Fuzemobility just produced a very detailed 10 minutes video of a slightly older Windows Mobile 6.5 build (Build 23028) which comes without any ODM enhancements but just represents the naked Windows Mobile build. Again you might notice that Microsoft seems to rearranged the softkeys and buttons which definitely makes sense, I wrote about this problem back in 2007 already (THOUGHT: Is the Windows Mobile Touchscreen UI finally single-hand use ready?).

Again, there is no proof or confirmation yet, that the builds above represents Windows Mobile 6.5 "Second Edition" but it would make sense, if these kind of builds doesn't represent the current Windows Mobile 6.5, as it is expected to be released on October 1st.
As far as we know, the Windows Mobile 6.5 RTM code was released to ODMs some time ago already which makes again sense because ODMs have to adopt the Windows Mobile build to their devices. This means that an ODM cannot work with changing ROM builds, especially not if the GUI and UX changes are that dramatic. But for something, the builds above must be good, so I would expect they represent the next version of Windows Mobile; especially because they are time bombed/expire which again speaks for very early Windows Mobile builds, not yet designed for either ODMs or end users.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by carnero on 22.08.09 - 22:04:45

When considering Microsoft's offical information that there will be no successor of Windows Mobile 6.5 other than version 7, I think that on screenshot is also Windows Mobile 6.5 (no SE, no .1)... but optimized for capacitive screens. Not Second Edition, just optimized for different devices. What you think about it?

Posted by l3v5y on 23.08.09 - 00:06:40

This is WM6.5.1.

Posted by Fanatic on 23.08.09 - 09:58:37

I tempt to agree with Arne. This looks more than just an AKU what 6.5.1 would be. Microsoft never changed the UI with AKUs but GUI changes always came with major releases: 2003 SE -> WM 5 -> WM 6.
Another reason why I tempt to agree is that the latest builds are said to be time-bombed. AKUs aren’t time-bombed but major releases always were.
Last but not least: If Digi Times is right and a new version is expected for February, Microsoft better start with the development today.

Posted by l3v5y on 23.08.09 - 16:35:17

Early 6.1 builds were timebombed, and there were barely any UI changes there.

Also, between WM5 and WM6, the UI changes consisted of some rounded effects on the top/bottom bars...

Posted by vjs on 26.08.09 - 18:15:19

Anybody at all concerned that the Zoomed Signal Strength, Battery Level, and Analog Clock are all totally different to the ones on the top bar ?

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