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SERVICE: MSN launched MSN Remote Record for Media Center PCs
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 26.02.05 - 15:50:46 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 11204x
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How Engadget reports, Microsoft's MSN recently launched "Remote Recorder" for Media Center PCs running XP Media Center Edition:

The service is free and allows you to schedule and manage all of your television recording remotely via an Internet browser. The service includes a comprehensive guide via MSN with powerful search features.

To use MSN Remote Recorder (which is available for North American MSN customers only right now) all you need is an Internet connected Media Center Edition PC and a Internet connection.

And now I wonder if Microsoft and MSN also took care of Windows Mobile customers because we virtually carry the Internet connection in our pockets already! :-D One reason for me to buy such a Media Center PC is that kind of service. Imagine, you are on the road and you recognize you will be too late to watch a movie, a football game or whatever and you simply program your MCE from your Pocket PC or Smartphone to record the show.

However, if I see this screenshots (courtesy of "Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection") I get the feeling that Windows Mobile users left outside again, 8O which makes no sense for me. One of the benefits of Microsoft products (doesn't matter if it is called Microsoft, Windows, MSN, Windows Mobile or whatever) should/could be the high integration of services (such as Outlook sync through ActiveSync) but how should I access this page with a Windows Mobile?

As long as we don't have XGA Pocket PCs and Smartphones, I'm sure it's not convenient at all. Unfortunately I can not test it, because I still don't have a Media Center Edition PC here nor I'm located in North America but I also get the feeling, I would get an error message anyway if I try to access the MSN Remote Recorder page (anyone of you can test it and tell us how/if it is working?). Thomas from "Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection" is talking about a compatible browser which is required so I don't know if the stripped-down Pocket Internet Explorer is recognized as compatible at all.

Anyway - if this service is/will be offered in future for Windows Mobiles users as well, it's another reason for me to upgrade my home entertainment equipment to Windows Media Center Edition.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Steven Hughes on 01.03.05 - 21:42:06


It doesn't work on Windows Mobile Devices unless you have a Java enabled browser like Netfront even then the viewing screen isn't that great, but somewhat workable....I wish listed it as a feature during the beta, but didn't see it come to fruition.

However the other features do work like news,new on DVD/video and Browse TV shows does.

MyReplayTV and Tivo2Go (which also use Zap2It for their listing guides as well as many cable and satellite providers)  both of these services work on MS mobile devices why not Mobile record? Unless it will a pay service offered by carriers. At [url=http://www.bostonpocketpc.c...]CES[/url] the CEO of SBC was able to set a remote record of a Cablebox running MSNTV OS on a MS Smartphone and she claimed it was the only demo that worked and looked great. She was even able to view a stream of the show to see if that was the show she wanted to record. IPTV cable boxes running Microsofts TV software looks like some great stuff hopefully it will leave testbeds and become primetime soon.

She may have been using some new software or a variation of Orb's software, which seems the best thing going for remote media viewing and remote recording at $9.95/month it is pretty affordable and they even give a month trial for free more than enough to get you hooked...big_smile

In talking to the people at Orb during CES they have some pretty cool things planned...if you notice each colored Orb has a different color that correlates with a certain media like audio is yellow,tv is red,video is purple, and photos are green. Orb is looking at providing an opt-in service that will alert you of content you like from an online profile you fill out. Say your favorite band is playing in a local club the yellow light in the Orb logo will blink, click on it and it will give you the 411 on the event or if there is a new song by that artist available for download you could purchase it and have it downloaded to your computer or mobile device directly. These are just examples of what they may go with,but sounds good, especially if a carrier is looking for a way to increase ARPU.

Another great thing about Orb Networks is that encode using WM9 so it is compatable with older Windows Media devices and throttles the transmission for screen size, quality,etc according to the speed and device you are connected with.

A great service...that will really take off when XP version comes out of beta...

Posted by andrea on 16.03.05 - 22:24:54

i am so fucki pissed i wat to get this fuckin program on my computer and i cant find a way how someone please help me download it

Posted by lvermont on 11.04.05 - 00:52:30

Arne, you can program Windows Media Center Edition 2005, from your Pocket PC phone (imate PDA2k) from the pocketpc terminal server client.

MS XP Media Cetner edition runs the remote desktop service which  runs the RDP protocol, which terminal server clients can connect to. So you can load your desktop in your imate pda2k, and then configure Media Center to add a recording.  This will be a very slow method however but it's the way I've been using it since I got my media center PC last yr.

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