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SHOPPING: Handster releases an embedded payment solution for Pocket PC shareware
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 27.02.06 - 12:05:31 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 8981x
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Handster Inc., a new - let's say - online shop for Windows Mobile software, today released an embedded payment solution for Pocket PC shareware. Handster provides a solution for integration of payment into shareware programs. Software developers can extend existing conventional registration with the payment screens.
Integrated programs have a 'Buy' button in the menu and show a "Buy/Try" screen on startup. On clicking the "Buy" button in the program the user can enter his credit card directly on his PDA.
Secure SSL transaction is executed via GPRS (if available) or via ActiveSync when the PDA synchronizes with an Internet-connected desktop PC. Once the payment is completed, the application gets unlocked automatically.

Benefits for end-users:

  • It saves time. You can pay for the program directly on your PDA, while having a free time on your way.
  • It is simple. You don't need to register anywhere, look for emails with a registration code and enter the code on the device. Program unlocks automatically, once you paid for the program with a credit card.
  • It is convenient. No need to search in the Internet for the program you have already tried for some time and would like to have. You can buy it from the embedded payment screens.
  • No surprises with unexpected trial expiration. If the program trial is expired, you can enter your credit card and use the program for some more time. Once you connect your PDA to the Internet, the payment is automatically completed and the program is unlocked for unlimited time.

You can download high quality programs with embedded payments from Handster website.

Benefits for software vendors

  • Win more customers. Software vendors won't lose the customers who installed programs, liked them, but forgot the website where the programs were downloaded from or just have no time to search for them in the Internet again.
  • Catch the moment. By offering a content-bound payment, software vendors catch customers with the payment offer at the moment, when they are most interested in the program.
  • Higher Sales/Download ratio. With embedded payments, more downloaded programs can be bought.
  • New distribution ways. Except easy and convenient payment process, the integrated payment opens new ways to software distribution, for example using SD cards or CDs.

Benefits for OEM, hardware vendors and distributors:

  • Distribute for free, earn later. Hardware distributors can bundle software with a hardware device and profit when the user buys programs.
  • Keep bundle costs low. Hardware distributors can bundle premium software with the devices without raising the package costs.
  • Various distribution ways. Software can be distributed by the following means:
    • Preinstalled on devices.
    • On an SD card, when sold with the device.
    • On a free CD that is shipped with the device.
  • Easily track all software sales. Handster solution allows adding a distributor's email to the programs. Once a program is purchased, the payback notification email is send to the distributor, so he can track all sales in real time.
  • Make device more attractive. By providing additional content, hardware distributors would make devices more attractive for end-users. End-users are more likely to buy a Pocket PC PDA/Smartphone from a distributor in the future again.

Handster is a new digital rights management and software distribution company, specializing on software for Windows Mobile devices. Founded in 2004, company aims to open new distribution channels and find new markets for Pocket PC software.
High quality programs with embedded payment and further information can be found on the Handster website:
If you are a developer and want to request access to the payment API or to get sample CDs and booklets, you can contact Handster via

Cheers ~ Arne

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