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THOUGHT: Expanding the wireless chat capabilities or "How do you want to chat wireless?"
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 06.03.02 - 13:35:00 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 5708x
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Since yesterday, I have my new iPAQ H3870 with Bluetooth in my hands (yes, it took a little bit longer to get it but finally... ;-) and yes – the most important for me is the Bluetooth functionality of this iPAQ. However, since I'm playing with Bluetooth I miss one feature and now I know how it should looks like:

It is clear, that Bluetooth will become the common connection interface for Pocket PCs (see also my interview with Martin Croome from Socket Communications) and while every Pocket PC will have Bluetooth in the future – which can be used to share contacts, etc) there is no application which allows me to use my Pocket PC to communicate with other Bluetooth enabled Pocket PC users today. I mean a kind of standardized IM via Bluetooth, not propriety applications designed for a dedicated Bluetooth card only.

So why Microsoft doesn't feature the MSN Messenger on the Pocket PC 2002 with this functionality? This would be great! Imagine to chat with other guys around you (e.g. within a meeting) via Bluetooth!? That's the benefit of a PAN (Personal Area Network) and imagine the connectivity possibilities: You chat with your colleague(s) about a topic while you are in a meeting and connected via GPRS to the IM service on the Internet too. At any point of your discussion, you invite a buddy of your MSN Messenger list to join the chat with your Bluetooth buddy(s), who are still connected to your Pocket PC via Bluetooth.
Now, the Internet buddy can also chat with the Bluetooth buddy – while both using your GPRS connection. Wouldn't it great!?

The point is, that I would like to see a standard Pocket PC 2002 program like MSN Messenger to become the program for chats using Bluetooth as connection type. Even Wi-Fi/W-LAN could be integrated within this concept...

Microsoft, can you hear me!? ;-) What do you think about expanding the possibilities of the Windows Messenger into this direction? What do you folks – the reader of Pocket PC Writer.Net think about this? I would like to see this...

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Anonymous on 06.03.02 - 00:00:00

Hey, this is a cool idea. Beside the GPRS tariffs this would makes more than sense! I'm looking for a Bluetooth enabled solution too, since I read the first time your thoughts about this! But integrating the Bluetooth chat capabilities into MSN Messenger would be the best way! Did you informed MS about this, I think as an MVP you have some good contacts? ;-) /Nick

Posted by Anonymous on 07.03.02 - 00:00:00

Hej there. Great idea but not possible today as the bluetooth specifications are today point to point : it is not possible to have a BT connection between the iPAQ and the phone (internet buddy list) and a connection between your iPAQ and another iPAQ (bluetooth buddy list). The point to multipoint is specified for the coming bluetooth components and will enable what you are writing about as well as using a bluetooth headset connected to your phone that is itself connected to your iPAQ at the same time : the phone will always stay in the pocket. Today, some ISV are working on a virtual COM port to simulate multiplexing of BT connections however, this do not offer a suitable end user experience. Cheers

Posted by Arne Hess on 07.03.02 - 00:00:00

@Anonymous 2: Thanks for your input but you have to see the full spectrum. Yes, it's P2P only (today) but as you said you can share the COM ports. However, there is not only Bluetooth to connect to a mobile phone, you can also use a cable or even IrDA. Also the Compaq Wireless Pack becomes available which could connects to the IM service while you are using Bluetooth of the H3870 to connect with a Bluetooth buddy. Also think about the HP WDA (which includes a CF Type I slot to add a Bluetooth card) or the O2 xda (which isn't able to get a Bluetooth card _today_). So you see in general it would be possible even today AND the point is that I don't want that the software developer waits until the Bluetooth SIG prepare for Point to Multipoint but develops the tools today that they are available if Bluetooth supports more parallel connections later.
However, even to chat with one other Bluetooth enabled Pocket PC would be fine for me today, integrating this into the IM is the perfection...
Cheers ~ Arne

Posted by Chuck on 01.04.02 - 00:00:00

Agreed with you Arne. I am close to developing such application but the Bluetooth SDK Kit from Socket is in THOUSAND of dollars(!!). So I back away.

For me, if you can AT LEAST do one-2-one chat to another iPaq via Bluetooth, that's already damn good enough. Using virtual Com maybe possible (from a programmer pespective), but don't know how the iPaq (or WinCE) can handle it.

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