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THOUGHT: Get rid of Spam E-Mails on your mobile devices
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 22.10.05 - 13:17:19 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 12665x
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Either somebody was "way too funny" and added my E-Mail addresses into a couple of porn spam lists or these spam bots fetched my E-Mail addresses from the::unwired or somebody got a virus since also my private E-Mail address is affected which isn't - normally - not public. However, for some weeks now, I have a massive spam problem and up to 9 out of 10 E-Mails I received are hardest porn spam plus the typical Viagra stuff, cheap Rolex, etc! 8O

While this doesn't bothers me too much on my PC (because Outlook 2003 and its Spam detection does a great job to filter out Spam mails and move it into the Junk Mail folder), it really bothers me on my mobile devices for several reasons: cost, time consumption and inconveniences. If you receive up to 9 Spam mails via GPRS or UMTS, it costs real money, deleting and getting rid of it on small screen devices like Pocket PCs and Smartphones is inconvenient and costs time and therefore I hadn't had too much fun anymore to get all my E-Mails on my mobile devices during the past weeks. In addition I have overseen some important E-Mails (and I'm not sure if I haven't accidentally deleted the one or the other E-Mail which wasn't a Spam at all, if so - sorry).

Nevertheless, thanks to my fellow MVP Marc Zimmermann I found a working solution which filters Spam before it reaches my mailbox. This solution, which is provided by German company eleven GmbH, is called eXpurgate and only requires a second E-Mail address as well as your current E-Mail provider must offer the possibility to forward incoming E-Mails directly to another E-Mail address. Most E-Mail providers offer this option.

The whole procedure can be divided into three main steps:

  • The user's E-Mail address is for example: In future, all E-Mails that are sent to this address will be forwarded on straight from the mail server at provider xyz (user mailbox 1) to the user's eXpurgate account
  • There the E-Mails are checked to see if they contain Spam and receives an additional mail header in this process, which reports the results of the examination and classifies the E-Mails as, for example, clear, suspicious or definitely Spam.
  • eXpurgate then sends the E-Mails to the user's second E-Mail address (e.g. or The user can then access his mails as normal from his second mailbox at provider abc or xyz (user mailbox 2).

By adding a mail header, this procedure offers you the option of defining a filter in your E-Mail program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Eudora etc.), which reacts to these headers and immediately moves all E-Mails identified as Spam into a special folder (e.g. a 'Spam' folder) so that in future no SPAM mails will appear in your regular E-Mail inbox.

In order to completely cleanse your account of Spam and other unwanted E-Mails, you have the option of setting up one or more additional E-Mail addresses and setting eXpurgate to forward your E-Mails, irrespective of E-Mail type (e.g. 'clear' or 'Spam'), to different E-Mail addresses.

And here are the results of my E-Mail traffic since I have eXpurgate running (yesterday afternoon):

  • Spam: 71.4 %
  • Bulk 2.9 %
  • Clean 25.7 %

Only 25.7 % of all the E-Mails reached my mobile devices since I have created a second E-Mail account where Spam E-Mails are send to. This E-Mail account I'm monitoring from my PC only - to make sure I haven't missed an important E-Mail - but not from my mobile devices. :-p

eXpurgate saves me a lot of money and time and brought back my E-Mail experience on mobile devices. Well done, a great and useful service and even better - eXpurgate Spam filter service is completely free of charge for private use (if you use the POP3 forwarding method as explained above). In addition, if you are a company, eXpurgate also offers a company solution which might be worth to check since it is an ASP solution and you can completely outsource your spam protection.

Cheers ~ Arne

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