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THOUGHT: Has Orange hijacked MSN Messenger on its SPV M600? [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 25.03.06 - 20:36:00 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 20056x
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As reports, Orange removed the MSN Messenger client from its latest Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition, the Orange M600 (aka HTC Prophet) which is, if true, a bad decision at all but Orange isn't the first one who did it. Also T-Mobile made this mistake (partly) by removing some core-MSN Messenger functionalities in the initial ROM of the MDA Pro (HTC Universal) and also Vodafone Germany completely removed MSN Messenger from it's VPA compact II (HTC Wizard).
If the core application aka .EXE is removed from the ROM, also my previous tip doesn't helps anymore to get MSN Messenger back to your Start menu, to run it without running MSN Mobile.
In our User Group, we tried to copy the MSN Messenger EXE from another device back to the Vodafone VPA compact II, unfortunately without success (while I have to admit we haven't worked on this issue too hard, so someone else might have more success here to get a working patch released) but I neither understand T-Mobile nor Vodafone nor Orange now. If I'm a mobile operator and releasing a devices with such an operating system, why should I want to limit the use of such a device at all? I mean, the user (aka customer aka the one who paid for the device) can use alternatives anyway, like third party Instant Messaging applications and the charm of Windows Mobile devices are the communication features (from E-Mail to SMS to MMS to IM) and if I'm limiting it to some "core" carrier functionalities (which even E-Mail isn't), I'm doing something wrong. No mobile operator would removed the E-Mail client in favor of SMS or MMS, why to do so with MSN Messenger?
At least T-Mobile realized its bad move and brought back the full MSN Messenger functionalities with the following ROM update of the MDA Pro, now let us hope Vodafone and Orange will also wake-up. Otherwise, the clear recommendation is, to check the application and OS functionalities before you buy a device from an operator and if it misses some core functionalities of Windows Mobile, better take a device (and maybe contract) from another carrier which hasn't limited the functionalities, buy it from an operator independent vendor like i-mate or Qtek or even buy a completely different device from a different vendor (like E-Ten or Gigabyte who aren't affiliated with operators yet).

UPDATE: While it definitely looks like the MSN Messenger is gone from the original configuration of the M600, my fellow MVP Leigh from found a way to get MSN Messenger working on a M600 by downloading and installing a Messenger version from Microsoft.
Here we go, back into IM business. Well done Leigh!

Cheers ~ Arne

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