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THOUGHT: How much Megabyte does it needs to run my UMTS PC Card?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 08.03.08 - 17:11:15 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 19681x
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While I'm still a big fan of using Windows Mobile smartphones as a Notebook UMTS-modem, for some good reasons I've recently decided to use my Option UMTS PCMCIA card again as my access modem for UMTS and for sure, such a PC Card needs drivers and a utility to make it working. First I've downloaded and installed the latest software from my UMTS operator which E-Plus calls "E-Plus Online Connect". However, in the past I wasn't a big fan of E-Plus' PC Card software because it used way too much system resources and therefore I did a quick Google search for the original Option software. Unfortunately, as an ODM customer you cannot directly download it from Option because it requires the IMEI number of the PC Card but anyway - Google has the link to, as Option calls it "GlobeTrotter Connect" software anyway.

After I've installed both software, I was quite shocked to see the difference of installation size: E-Plus occupies massive 49.2 MB and Option 3.94 MB only:

And as we know, the smaller an application the faster it starts and runs and the less system resources it takes over. At the end, all I need is a place to enter my APN and a button to connect/disconnect to/from UMTS and both software are quite identical in terms of these standard features:

Sure, with E-Plus' Online Connect I can also send and receive SMS and MMS messages, while Option's GlobeTrotter Connect supports SMS only, and it shows me the sent and received data as well as current and maximum speed but at the end I don't care. The original Option software is way leaner and it provides everything I need by allowing me to select the preferred access technology, providing a space to store the APN and giving me the connect/disconnect button.
What I don't need is a software which lets me start my Web browser or E-Mail client.

The only feature the Option software is missing is the function to let you select the network. While this doesn't makes sense in your home country, this can be important during international roaming, for instance when one available carrier offers better rates than another. But overall, Options lean application reminds me pretty much on its Pocket PC client, Option released some years ago for the first Option GlobeTrotter GPRS PC Card, which worked very well these early connected Pocket PC days.

Nevertheless, I made my mind. I prefer the slimmer software which might be feature-reduced but also takes over less system resources.

Cheers ~ Arne


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