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THOUGHT: I did it, again I bought another Apple device - after several years...
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 05.04.04 - 14:32:44 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 8065x
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Okay, yesterday a couple of us Mobile Device MVPs (not to say most Europeans ;-)) visited Bellevue (which is half of the way between Seattle and Redmond) just for one reason - shopping at CompUSA... :-D
And yes, I have to admit I did it - after a long period of not using an Apple device (the last one I owned was an Apple Newton, my first PDA ever) I bought it - an Apple iPod! 8O

You might wonder know why and iPod where my Pocket PCs and Smartphones can play music as well! and I'm a Microsoft MVP? Well, for several reasons:

  • Microsoft MVPs are open minded enough to use devices and products from other manufactures as well - we are MVPs, not blind ;-)
  • The design 8O
  • The functionality and user experience 8O
  • The reason that I can store up to 40 GB of music now 8O
  • The reason that I can use it as 40 GB external (and stylish) FireWire HDD 8O
  • Up to 8 hours stand-by 8O
  • I like the iTunes online-shop business model, songs for 99 Cents (and hope to see it coming to Germany/Europe soon since it's the only business model which seems to work - in general and for me. Pay per song, not per CD).
  • Finally the FireWire ports of my Desktop and Notebook PC got a reason to exist ;-)
  • I'm a geek :-P

And best of all, I'm not the only MVP who bought one nor I'm the only MVP who owns one now (heck, I think half of us have one).

But again, why not my Pocket PCs or Smartphone? Well, that's difficult to answer but also here I have several reasons why I'm not using my Windows Mobile devices for mobile music:

  • Limited storage space: While you can store a lot of music on SD or CF cards, nothing compares to a 40 GB HDD.
  • Limited user experience: Neither a Pocket PC nor a Smartphone are designed - IMHO - to be used for extend media use. The user interface is too limited by design (which isn't a fault of the devices itself but a must have compromise since it is used for PIM, communication, mobile media, games, etc) and if you ever tried to use your Pocket PC touch screen while you was walking you know what I mean. Also I never would take my Pocket PCs to the beach (hm, will I take my iPod to the beach?).
  • Because I can use it in my car better, thanks to iTrip, a FM Transmitter for the iPod.

Okay, all these reasons are pretty soft but well, I saw it, I've played with it, I wanted it. ;-) How do you use your Windows Mobile devices? Are you using them for MP3 or what's your favorites?

Well, it's now 4:50 in the morning, here in Seattle and thanks to the jetlag (I'm up for 2 hours now) I will continue to explore the web to get more information about the iPod and how to tune it...

Cheers ~ Arne

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