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THOUGHT: What do you use your Pocket PC for?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 28.04.02 - 02:31:00 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 7883x
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As we've heard last week, Compaq sold more than 2 million iPAQs and also the sales figures of the other Pocket PCs increased, compared to the previous years. Well, I had some discussions with other Pocket PC users, what they use their Pocket PCs for and what they expect from their Pocket PCs.
What I've seen in the past when I met my fellow Pocket PC enthusiasts and MVP colleagues, it seems that the use of Pocket PCs in Europe and America differentiates?

Why do I use a Pocket PC and for what does I use it?
Mobilon HC-4600Well, when I bought my first Windows CE Handheld device (a Sharp Mobilon 4500) in 1997 I bought it because its built in modem (this was the reason why I've imported it from the States because the European version didn't includes a modem) and to use it with my mobile phone. Both reasons was to access the Internet and my E-Mail abroad. I also enjoyed its keyboard so I was able to use it in meetings for notes or on business trips as a mobile "Word" machine.At that time I didn't use that device primarily for calendaring or contacts as I used at that time my Franklin REX for this features (which I even use today - from time to time).

The Time goes by, Palm sized Windows CE devices came and gone and also Pocket PCs but one need was always there - the option to connect the Internet where ever I'm.

So for what does I use my Pocket PCs today - primarily? Today, my Pocket PC is my digital Filofax, it holds all my contacts, appointments and task as my PC holds it too and snchronization is - thanks to ActiveSync - so easy. But one thing never changed in all the years, no - it even expands - the need to connect the Internet to get the latest information from the Web, WAP or out of my E-Mails. I also enjoy chatting with my fellows through MSN Messenger. For sure I use my Pocket PC to send and receive SMS messages or as an interface to my mobile phone to setup voice calls or even receive them. So mostly my usage is communication based. I still use Word - like before on the H/PC but never without my foldable keyboard and often to write columns and articles for PPCW.Net which I upload later wireless with my GSM/GPRS Wireles Pack or through a mobile phone or fixed line modem.
I never read eBooks on my Pocket PC - maybe because there are not so many titles I'm interested in are available and because I still like paper and real books. I'm listening to my MP3s on trips only but not so often in my home town/area.

So basically my Pocket PC is my communication device and brain. However I don't use it for Excel, Audiobooks or other stuff. I wonder what do you use your Pocket PC for and why you decided to bought one? Did you came from a Palm sized PDA or H/PC too or is the Pocket PC your first device?

Cheers ~ Arne


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