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THOUGHT: When something simple turns out to be otherwise
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Tuesday, 22.06.04 - 21:59:59 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 8396x
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I love Bluetooth. It's one thing I use most of the time, may it be to connect my Pocket PC to a Mobile phone, print to an BT printer and such. But in a recent event, Bluetooth did what it was supposed to do but the situation just showed that Bluetooth is not the best thing that can happen 100% of the time.

We had a mobility fair over the weekend with the theme "Buhay Wireless (Wireless Life): Improving the Life of the Filipino through Mobile Technology." The fair, Mobile Pilipinas 2004 was aimed at promoting different wireless technologies to Filipinos. We had Wi-Fi, we had GSM/GPRS, we had Bluetooth... and what got me there was Bluetooth.

I had the most difficult time with Bluetooth at the event. I tried beaming over a contact via BT and thought it was cool to demo something like that, but it all ended up backfiring on me. As soon as I started beaming out my vCard via BT, I was detecting no less than a dozen BT devices around at one time. Each time I do it another set comes up. It was quite difficult looking for the device names particularly when people don't set unique names to their devices or at times give their devices really weird names. Anyway, I ended up simply doing everything via IR. It was simple. I could see my target and not need to sift through the scanned active BT devices, and completing the whole beaming affair was much quicker.

Just imagine when all the people around you end up having some form of BT enabled device that remains visible to every other unit? Wow, that is total mayhem there. I'd say BT is good when you have to set it up alone, or within a private area. But as soon as you hit the floors of a public convention center with so many others running BT too? Wow! So if there is any problem with BT in the future, it's when the market gets saturated with BT enabled devices and you can't make heads nor tails of who is trying to BT you something.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo


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