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THOUGHT: Where are HTC's promised Windows Mobile 6 upgrades?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 29.06.07 - 15:21:45 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 16860x
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Back in April, HTC said it plans to provide free Windows Mobile 6 upgrades for a couple of Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Editions and Smartphones and as the June is going to pass bye, I wonder where the (official) upgrades are?
Initially, HTC said "The upgrades will be rolled out from June, in line with the operator partners' strategies" but while a couple of carriers have released "their" upgrades already (for instance T-Mobile US for the T-Mobile Dash and O2 Germany for the Xda orbit) original HTC Device owners are still awaiting the releases for their HTC S620 and HTC P4350.

No word yet, not a single byte on HTC's support site but it seems it cannot take too long anymore as Akihabara News unveiled today. These guys just sent an Dopod 838 Pro for repair back to Taiwan and today the got it back! Preloaded with a new official Windows Mobile 6 ROM!

Looks like HTC is pretty much ready with adopting the vanilla Windows Mobile 6 OS for their devices - now it's time to release promised ROMs. Especially after customized ROMs were made available earlier already.

Anyone else awaiting the availability and for which devices do you await the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade?

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Flips on 29.06.07 - 21:02:00


Posted by jan on 29.06.07 - 21:47:06

I am the proud owner of a original HTC TyTn. this is great news. But first see then believe.

Posted by brian t on 30.06.07 - 00:06:08

Yep - S620 user here. In particular, I'm waiting for the return of synchronized files.

Posted by passer by on 30.06.07 - 00:24:02

I am waiting a ROM update for the P3600. Unfortunately I am waiting in vain because for unknown reasons the P3600 is not in the list of devices HTC has committed to upgrade.
And that's ridiculous considering that the HTC roadmap doesn't show any other device with the same form factor.

Posted by Taylor on 30.06.07 - 08:05:04

i have a tytn (he has a tytn) a mighty mighty tytn (mighty mighty tytn)

I conacted them and they gave me an updated roadmap that now says "from" June instead of "through" June which implies that they, a major corporation, has missed a deadline to release a simple rom update, a rom update which regular programmers have managed to post 3 or 4 new builds of on XDA developers since winmo6 came out 2 months ago!!!!

Posted by ed on 30.06.07 - 12:22:50

I'm waiting for an upgrade for the TyTN as well, but I hope they release it on the website instead of being available only at the repair centers, like they did with the previous upgrade. Seriously, as far support is concerned HTC is not up to par.

Posted by Arne Hess on 30.06.07 - 16:55:23

ed, I think the support became better already. Sure, in the past it was virtually non existent for end-users due to the fact that HTC only sold their devices through carriers, etc. and you had to talk to HTC's partners. But now HTC provides ROM updates (hopefully the missing upgrades soon too) as well as patches as I've posted here in the past.
I'm already quite satisfied with what I've seen so far. Sure, everything can be better but it's a start.

Posted by Mike on 01.07.07 - 14:52:09

Oh man!

I can't wait for my s620 update to arrive. There are many enhancements I'm looking forward to: HTML mail, edit office doc's, enhanced enrollment, file sync...


Posted by Heinz Burkart on 02.07.07 - 12:15:43

I habe some TyTN's out there and every day get a call from the customer: "Is the WM6 update out now?".

If HTC want to push their brand they should hurry.

Posted by Amit on 02.07.07 - 12:27:02

Another S620 waiting for its update...

Posted by Alan Riaso on 03.07.07 - 17:43:47

+1 for s620 smile

Posted by Robb on 04.07.07 - 16:55:09

I called HTC's technical support last night, asking them about Windows Mobile 6 for my s620.  I was informed that the update will be available in about 4 weeks.  I really hope that they come through for us.

Posted by Le chiffre on 05.07.07 - 12:53:40

I check alomst every day on their HTC's support page for an upgrade but to no avail. eten has released their don't know why these guys are waiting for...

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