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THOUGHT: Working wireless with GPRS
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 20.03.03 - 20:16:03 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6182x
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When I've worked the past nights on PPCW.Net, I was at my girlfriend and if you believe it or not, she doesn't has Internet access… 8O (One reason why she gets an iPAQ from me now which I will equip with the Wireless Jacket and yes, she even asked for one wireless enabled Pocket PC!)

Well, maybe that's another reason why I like to stay at her home, you really get your head free if you don't have Internet access available all the time. No Internet access available, well, it's not true since I have my Internet enabled Pocket PCs with me or at least my Smartphone. 8)

But even with these great devices sometimes you need more, a Notebook to see web pages or uploading and downloading files, etc. Therefore I carried my Sony Vaio C1 Notebook with me, equipped with the Option GlobeTrotter PC card and I truly enjoyed working wireless with this card!

It gave me connectivity to the Internet with download speed – up to 52.4 Kbit/s and an uplink up to 35.4 Kbits/s! :-D

Beside the price for this convenience - the 1.5 MB connection above costs me around € 8,00 (but I was online for 3:48 hours) - it's amazing how good GPRS works today . This line speed is faster then the connections we had some years ago with 33.6 Kbps modems and pretty close to ISDN. Sure it can't compete with my 1024 Kbps DSL line but anyway, therefore I had the freedom to use the Internet wherever I was; doesn't matter if I was on the couch, in the kitchen or in the bed!

While I was only I worked on the HTML code as well as I've chatted with Calin (my web site developer) and even did dome FTP!

Just as a side note here, if you plan to use your Windows XP with GPRS as well, make sure your disabled the automatic updated download!

Last time I forgot to disable it and wondered why my Kb counter was running like hell… 8O

But overall, every day I use GPRS (doesn't matter if it is on a Smartphone, Pocket PC or Notebook) I love it more and more! If the GPRS tariffs would be lower only… :roll:

Cheers ~ Arne


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