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TIP: Get MSN Messenger back in Windows Mobile 5.0
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 07.08.05 - 13:03:15 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 64607x
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With the introduction of Windows Mobile 5.0, Microsoft also integrated MSN way deeper as it was before (but please keep in mind that it is a carrier/manufacture option which some carriers and manufactures might not use/support). Basically before, with the previous Windows Mobile versions, Hotmail wasn't even accessible (without workarounds) and also the MSN Homepage was just a link in the Favorites. Now, with Windows Mobile 5.0, Microsoft supports Hotmail as an Inbox service as well as it provides a Today screen plug-in for "widely" used MSN services like MSN Messenger, MSN Hotmail, MSN Mobile Home and it also includes a new small stand-alone application called "Pocket MSN" which lets you start the previously described services also:

So far so good and really appreciated if you are a Hotmail user (which I'm not). Therefore I don't need the Today screen plug-in at all and also Pocket MSN (why is it still called Pocket MSN, even if Microsoft renamed everything else to xyz Mobile? ) is something I don't use. But wait a minute - if you open your Programs list from the Start menu, there is no MSN Messenger shortcut available anymore (please note that I have grouped my shortcuts):

Above you can see the basic Windows Mobile applications for communication - from ActiveSync to Internet Explorer and Messaging to Terminal Service Client but MSN Messenger is gone. You have to use either the MSN Today screen plug-in or Pocket MSN to start it.

However, MSN Messenger is still available as a stand-alone application and all you have to do is to copy a link back to your Programs folder:

  • Open the File Explorer
  • Open the Windows directory
  • Search for "instmsgr":
  • Tap & hold and select "Copy"
  • Now scroll on top and open "Start Menu"
  • Tap & hold on again and select "Paste Shortcut"
  • Now you can rename it to something meaningful (like MSN Messenger) and you are done:

Next time you open your Programs list, your MSN Messenger link will appear again and you can open it directly, without using Pocket MSN or the Today screen plug-in (which you can disable if you don't need it at all):

As much I understand and support Microsoft in integrating their own services like MSN deeper (and even better support their own services like Hotmail), I really dislike that they have removed the direct shortcut to MSN Messenger but forces me to use Pocket MSN which I don't need (I even don't have a Hotmail E-Mail account and MSN Mobile is a link in my Favorites anyway). There is no reason to annoy the users with unnecessary steps to open a standard application but (thankfully) Microsoft haven't removed/integrated the complete Messenger application but the link only.

Cheers ~ Arne


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