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TIP: Use the Audiovox CF GSM/GPRS card for GPRS even with long APN names
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 04.10.02 - 13:02:00 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 13560x
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As I wrote yesterday I've got the Audiovox RTM-8000 GSM and GPRS CF card for testing and the first thing I found, as many of you too, is that you get into real trouble to setup a GPRS connection if the APN name is too long.

To setup a GPRS connection, the Pocket PC and Pocket 2002 requires the APN name in the Extra dial-string field.
This could makes some trouble - if the APN name is to long - as the field entries are limited. Unfortunately the Audiovox doesn't comes with a PIN application like the Option Globetrotter card which means you enter the PIN after the startup and from that the card is ready to be used.

The Audiovox card need the PIN entry every time you want to use it for data connections and Audiovox suggested to enter the PIN into the Extra dial-string field too which would looks like:


This can cause two problems:

  1. If your APN name is to long like above in the screenshot there is not enough space to enter the PIN
  2. In the same time you power up your Audiovox card with the Pin, the Pocket PC starts to dial which could not work because logging in to the GSM network and getting a GPRS attachment could takes to long

However, I found a smart solution here. Peter's Dialup Master!

DUM was originaly designed by Peter (who is also the developer of MultiIE) long time ago for Windows CE 2.0 based Palm Size PCs and Handheld PCs but in version 1.3 he also adopted it that DUM also works with Pocket PC and therefore with Pocket PC 2002 also.

Originaly DUM was designed to run pre-dialing scripts to login to online services like CompuServe but it also supports pre-dial scripts including PIN entries:

First you have to create/modify a proper GPRS PIN pre-dial script which should looks like this:

; DialupMaster Example Pre Dial
; Modify this file to send commands to your modem
; Macros:
; NOTE: SAVE this file as ASCII TEXT.

; [ Get PIN from user ]
; Wait 3 seconds for modem to be ready

; Get a PIN code from user

; Wait 10 seconds

Now you can run the connection directly from the Status bar on the bottom and DUM asks you for your login settings like User ID and Password.

Now it comes to the interesting part as DUM asks you for your SIM PIN which can be entered with the small SIM keyboard. After you've entered the PIN it will transmitted to the SIM card and - depending on the delay time which if configured with 10 seconds in this example - the Audiovox card calls into the GPRS network.

Even if Dialup Master was designed for P/PCs and therefore simulates the P/PC GUI it still works on Pocket PCs and is the perfect addition for everybody who has problems with the Audiovox card and GPRS connections.
Dialup Master 1.3 is available form Peters website for US$ 14.95 which are really worth to enhance the Audiovox RTM-8000 GPRS functionality.

Cheers ~ Arne

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