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UPGRADE: T-Mobile US released Windows Mobile 2003 upgrade for Phone Edition 2002
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 11.03.04 - 08:58:37 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 10262x
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As reported by PPCW.Net in December last year, T-Mobile USA finally released their Windows Mobile 2003 upgrade for the T-Mobile Phone Edition. Therefore, T-Mobile is the second carrier after ATTW who released a free Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003!

The download page doesn't provide any information about the version and fixes but it's expectable that it is -more or less - the same upgrade like used by ATTW since both devices are manufactured by HTC.

Unfortunately still no word about the German Windows Mobile 2003 upgrade for the MDA 1.

To download the Windows Mobile upgrade, you have to enter your 10 digit valid T-Mobile phone number.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Patrick on 11.03.04 - 19:54:03

Unfortunately, this information is inaccurate.  The upgrade currently available is still the old one for PPC 2002.

Posted by Gustavo on 11.03.04 - 20:28:14

That's right ! What is going on?

Posted by adamz on 11.03.04 - 22:20:32 

   - They put the old one back up.  You could only download it for a few hours.  smile

Posted by Slapper Boy on 12.03.04 - 01:12:54

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs.  That software was supposed to be for a select few beta testers.  The T-Mobile rep said they should be coming out with the "official" one very soon now.  Hang in there!  smile

Posted by jj on 12.03.04 - 01:38:07

T-Mo has been saying that the 2003 version will be available "soon" for the past few weeks.  the upgrade on the site is the old version.  according to  the new version has been downgraded to the old 2002 version.  not sure if this is the official information.  will have to wait and see.

Posted by Rob on 12.03.04 - 09:00:17

"T-Mo has been saying that the 2003 version will be available "soon" for the past few weeks."?!?!?!?!??! I've been hearing that line for months.

Posted by HomeDad on 12.03.04 - 18:09:35

I saw the guys talking about it @ PPC Thoughts. I downloaded and luckily the installer said there was no USB connection & wouldn't install.  (was really ok) Lots of people losing their units as it was locking up during install. Some were able 2 install no prob.

Posted by Chris on 13.03.04 - 09:00:34

I have intalled the 4.01.16 ROM using SD method.

Not sure this is the most updated ROM.

The good thing is it includes PPT and PDF viewer like the MDAII.

The bad thing is it doesn't include MMS well same as MDAI.

What else, it includes a band selector that allows you to switch from 900 to 1900.  However, for Asia / Europe users, you've better not touch this cause this will eliminate all you 1800 network.

Posted by Rob on 18.03.04 - 22:25:25

They just posted a new one on 3/17/2004. Downloading it right now.

Posted by sam on 19.03.04 - 12:15:54

T-Mobile Wm 2003 upgrade can be installed in Qtek 1010?wher I can find the software to download?Plz help

Posted by T-Mobler on 19.03.04 - 15:25:50

To Find Your Current ROM Version:

Select Start -> Settings -> System and choose the Device Information icon.

If your device is running ROM version 3.14.40, you should upgrade.


YES! At last, the release of Windows Mobile 2003 for T-Mobile Pocket PC users is available, it is an 18mb file download fille with updates [ ] that will make our Pocket PC Mobile Phones a little more reliable.


Posted by T-Mobler on 19.03.04 - 15:29:43

Oops, almost forgot the most important link:


Posted by gambu on 19.03.04 - 18:58:37

im not sure but last i have downloaded what they have and upgrade mine and went flawless.. no problem at all.. i think its the ROM version 4.01.16, WM2003, Radio version 6.25.02..

no problems as of this moment..

let me know if u guys need those files.. i can put up a download page for u all

Posted by sam on 19.03.04 - 21:09:36

Os and programmes will change just like XDAII.Will main memory be enough for upgarde

Posted by sam on 20.03.04 - 08:59:51

Is T-Mobile upgrade for 2003 only for US?Will there be any problem for Qtek ISP from Middle east

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