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UPGRADE WEEK: Now my PC got an Upgrade
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 02.11.02 - 18:44:00 CET under 06 - Site News - Viewed 6770x
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Wow, what a week. First I had to upgrade my whole web presence with the move to the new (dedicated) server and now my Desktop PC (my main PC) required an update. Okay, it was necessary as the system configuration was more than one year old and wasn't in best condition anymore.
One year ago I've upgraded the system from Windows ME (yes, I was running ME not 2000 ;-) to Windows XP Beta 1. Than I've installed RC2 and when Windows XP became public, I've installed the final version without removing the first 3 Windows version. :-(
Now I've decided to install Office 11 Beta 1 and I thought to myself that it might be a good idea to refresh the system in general. So far so good - going to and downloaded a DOS based boot disk for my PC to perform the legendary:

format c:
This worked fine so far and also I got my Windows XP CD-ROM started from a system without anything else than BIOS running. However, now I have to re-install all the applications I'm used to use. This starts from A like ActiveSync and ends on Z like ZoneAlarm (okay - I'm using Norton Internet Security but I didn't found a program on my HDD with Z ;-)

Here I found also some interesting issues:

  1. ActiveSync 3.6 doesn't contains any USB drivers anymore - at least it seems so. This means you have to have your original CD-ROM by your hand if you connects your Pocket PC with your PC. Otherwise your Pocket PC will not recognized. And hey - to be honest - a lot of use loses this kind of CD-ROM because we think that we can download this stuff from the web. But for my o2 xda I didn't found a source. So keep your CD-ROM in a save/recognizable place!
  2. The xda requires a USB driver for HTC USB. This isn't the big deal for insiders because we know that HTC is the ODM of the o2 xda, the T-Mobile Phone Edition or the Siemens SX55; however - a user which isn't involved so deep into this stuff might not know what Windows XP is asking for.
  3. Never install ActiveSync before you've installed Outlook. This will not work and means you have to remove AS again, installing Outlook/Office and re-installing ActiveSync.
  4. I've migrated from Outlook Express to Outlook as my primary E-Mail program. Yes - you are right: "A Mobile Devices MVP which uses OE for E-Mail?" but - hey - to be honest: I've never saw that Outlook (even not XP) fulfilled my E-Mail requirements. However, now with Outlook 11 it seems to be my upcoming E-Mail program but I have to stop here. Everything more would violate my NDA with Microsoft but it seems to become a fine product. From the Press Release:
Connecting and Managing Information

E-mail has emerged as the primary conduit for communication in many businesses, and managing the ever-increasing flow of information can be overwhelming yet critical to an information worker's success. With "Office 11," the Microsoft Outlook® messaging and collaboration client has undergone significant improvements to help people more effectively manage the large amount of information that crosses their desktops and to enhance the way they read, prioritize, file and track e-mail.

Also, because information workers aren't always working online or from the office, Outlook includes an improved mobile e-mail experience that is more consistent across the range of today's networks and data connections. By introducing a new cached e-mail system and intelligent connection settings, Outlook allows mobile workers to get to their e-mail more quickly and transfer between data connections with little or no interruption.
However, migrating 8 GB of E-Mails from OE to Outlook (doesn't matter which version) needs around 100 % of your system resources but I'm happy to see that I still get access to all my E-Mails (even the very old one from 1998) with Outlook. And I can start playing with E-Mail synchronization  between Outlook and Pocket PC, something I've never really used before when I've used OE only!
Okay, so far so good. I have to stop here because I have to continue with the installations. I just wanted to keep you up to date what's on.

Cheers ~ Arne


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