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USB DRIVER: Pocket PC 2002 compatible Mass Storage USB Driver released
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 28.12.02 - 01:30:00 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 37550x
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Do you remember my trials from January 2002 where I've successfully connected my Sony VAIO USB FDD to my Casio E-200? J. Klug reported in the German Microsoft CE Newsgroup about a Pocket PC 2002 USB driver project which is developed by D.Jenett: USB Mass Storage Driver is the long awaited USB mass Storage driver for Pocket PC 2002!

This is a driver which enables you to use USB mass storage devices (HD, Multimedia Reader, Digital Camera) with your USB host enabled Pocket PC.

As reported by J. Klug he was able to access the memory card of his Sony digital camera right from his Pocket PC as a "USB Drive" in File Explorer without exchanging the memory cards.

Sounds interesting as long not every device includes Bluetooth. On the other hand more devices includes Bluetooth now than Pocket PC supports USB Host functionalities like the Casio E-200.
Unfortunately I can not give it a test right now with my Nikon digi cam because I'm currently not at home and - even harder to believe - I've fried my Casio E-200 last week with the EUU3 update...

The driver is available free of charge from the developer's homepage.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Hello Boy on 06.02.03 - 00:00:00


Do you think that it will work with O2 XDA (T-Mobile MDA) ?
Have you tried this ?

Posted by Michael DELMOTTE on 07.04.03 - 15:06:32


Do you know where we can download the driver ?

Best regards.


Posted by Arne Hess on 07.04.03 - 15:38:23

@Hello Boy: No, it doesn't work with the Phone Edition because the Phone Edition doesn't includes a USB Host which is required.

@Michael DELMOTTE: Mostly from the [Download Here] link above... tongue

Posted by Michael DELMOTTE on 07.04.03 - 15:54:30

Dear All,

We are actually looking for a USB driver for Pocket PC 2002. Actually, we are a manufacturing USB storage Watches, MP3 Player and so on.

We are looking for a solution who will allow us to use the different devices which contains internal memory to use it as a mass storage device with all Pocket PC PDA.

If anyone is able to make us go further about this issue, just contact me  at :

You can also visit our website on :

All best regards.


Posted by adam on 31.01.04 - 05:17:21

I recently ppurchased a toshiba e335 and the host cable (which has a sticker on it saying that it is covered in lead, and tah i must wash  my hands after touching it.. weird... i wrapped it in electrical tape... hope that works..)  anyway, i have a Manhattan true touch full sized rollable USB keyboard connected through a generic USB hub from iconcepts.(slimline something i think) and it works.. the hub works fully (surprised me) and now i am at a delima, when ever i plug in a USB pen drive or camera (oregon scientific DS6618 ULTRA small credit card sized digital camera) into the device, the screen pops up asking for the name of the driver, and to check the manufacturer's info for the driver name.  i want so badly to run these things without using that driver (i have to delete registeries and modify some junk in the program files )  anyway, if anyone knows how to get these things to work without that driver please tell me.  the driver can mess up your hardware and can delete your data...



Posted by mike on 13.03.04 - 00:46:30

did you solve your problem? where did you find the software? please email any info. thanks

Posted by Ray Steiner on 20.03.04 - 05:43:15

I just purchased a DS6618 digital camera and installed the disc and hooked up my camera to charge the battery. After it was charged I took some pictures and then tried to download them. Message says it does not recogonize a camera. It also said I need additional hardware to work. They called it driver hardware.

How can I get this to make my camera work?

Posted by Justin on 27.03.04 - 17:20:03

This will be great if it works. I hope someone finds or writes a wince usb driver. Also I read that the Axim X5 has some type of chip that may support usb devices. Someone get this working!!!!

Posted by Team on 05.04.04 - 06:41:35

Please Help me.

I want to software driver for iPAQ h3800 series.


Posted by Arne Hess on 05.04.04 - 14:12:53

@Team: The iPAQ h3800 does not have USB Host capabilities. Your best bet is to use a CF sleeve and a USB Host CF card.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by giang vo on 23.04.04 - 03:29:05

would you like give me driver pocket SamSung 64Mb ? thank you very much

Posted by Xavi Gonzalvo on 07.05.04 - 10:47:03

Have you thought of using a driver in the pocket pc to convert it in a pen drive?

Posted by Tarri on 10.05.04 - 02:11:57

I'm looking for the driver for the Microsoft USB Pocket Mass Storage Device, can you direct?  Thanks

Posted by cem demir on 30.06.04 - 06:52:54

Hi everybody.

I have a Fujitsu Pocket Loox 600. I just purchased a keyboard. How can I find the driver of f type keyboard. Please send an e-mail to me.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Nghia on 02.08.04 - 12:17:15


i got a O2 XDA, i want to connect it with my PC by usb. When i connect it, the windows detect a new usb device, anyone got a driver for O2 XDA


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