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UTILITY: John Cody's Alerts! - Reminder and Timer Manager for Smartphone
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 07.04.05 - 22:07:29 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8587x
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John Cody's Alerts! was created due to the lack of a easy, yet flexible way to create quick count-down timers (a.k.a "From Now" timers) and other date/time dependant Alarms.

I personally feel the single most effective feature of Alerts! is the quick-access shortcuts for creating a new From-Now count-down timer or a new date/time Reminder.

These shortcuts allow you to launch Alerts!, bypass the main screen and jump directly to the New From-Now Timer or Reminder entry screens, allowing quicker entry of a new Alert. Most importantly, you can assign a "Speed-Dial" or "Voice Tag" to each of these shortcuts so you can launch them directly from your home screen for rapid entry of a new alert when you need to.

Being someone who enjoys tweaking things until they are just right, I spent a significant amount of time making Alerts! to be extensively customizable. You can configure things such as what action each key of the keypad will how a particular feature will actually operate.

Every feature I could think of (for now) has been packed into this program (or will be added soon). But, I am sure many of you will come up with a cool new idea for a future feature. So, please remember to submit them in the forum!


  • Separate "New From-Now" and "New Date-Time" shortcuts are provided so you can assign a Speed-Dial or Voice-Tag to them, allowing your to jump right into creating a new alert from your Home Screen without the extra steps of other alarm program.
  • Context-Sensitive Help is available for most screens. Just select the Menu button on any screen, then select Help to display helpful info about that screen.
  • The main Alerts! application does not have to be running in order to receive notice of past due alerts and times.
  • You can setup up to two custom Pre-Alerts, which can notify you of an approaching main alert.
  • Each alert is fully customizable - You can assigned different sounds, Loop Counts, Snooze and Vibration mode to each individual alert.
  • If your phone is placed in the "Silent" or "Meeting" profile, all alerts will just vibrate while in that profile.
  • You can setup Daily, Weekly (and specify multiple days of the week), Monthly and Yearly recurring alerts.
  • Auto-Snooze can automatically snooze any un-acknowledged alarm instead of permanently dismissing it.
  • Auto-Incrementing auto-snooze will automatically increase the snooze time for each subsequent snooze, so your battery is not drained by a fixed-minute snooze amount if the alert is left unacknowledged for a long period of time.
  • From-Now (count down) timers can be saved in History memory for rapid setup of the same timer at a later time.
  • You can specify your preferred keypad input mode (abc, T9) so you won't have to waste time switching to your favorite mode while naming an alert.
  • The font size of the main alert listing is selectable, so you can make the listing big for easy viewing, or smaller to reduce horizontal scrolling.
  • You can specify an additional sound file location, such as your storage card, of more sound files that the alerts can use.
  • Custom Keypad mapping - You can customize which functions are performed for each key on the keypad when they are pressed.
  • You can safely install Alerts! on your Storage Card! Extra measures to ensure the alarm will sound, even if your memory card is slow to "Wake Up" have been designed into Alerts! Many other alarm apps will simply fail with the error "Unable to execute xyz.exe" if your memory card is slow to become functional after turning on your phone or coming out of suspend.
  • PLUS!!! Significant New Features are planned for Beta 2

This product is currently in Beta Test and needs free registration to enter the Beta Forum.

Cheers ~ Arne

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