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VIDEOVIEW: Hands-on with DVB-H on Windows Mobile
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 26.02.08 - 16:03:39 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 16599x
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Not that mobile broadcasting TV via DVB-H, T-DMB or other technologies is a mass-market in the western hemisphere yet but it's most likely that it will be the next buzz (at least a buzz for technology vendors and mobile operators which will try to sell it to its customers) and I have to admit, that I'm quite fascinated from the possibilities, mobile TV offers. While I prefer to use a Slingbox (at the moment), especially because it always provides me my local TV, doesn't matter where in the world I'm, there are some good reasons for mobile broadcasting. For instance it doesn't requires a flat data plan which you definitely need for streaming. Also, in most cases, the quality of broadcasted TV is better.

During the recent Mobile World Congress, two Windows Mobile smartphones manufactures previewed broadcasting TV on its devices: E-Ten and GIGA-BYTE and below you can see a video demonstration of DVB-H on a GSmart t600, GIGA-BYTE announced during last year's 3GSM World Congress already:

The DVB-H quality above looks quite promising, even if it wasn't a commercially available signal but GIGA-BYTE broadcasted its own signal on its stand.

Cheers ~ Arne