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XDA II EXCLUSIVE: Photos and Screen Shots - Part 1
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Friday, 26.09.03 - 20:27:11 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 12404x
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After my 2 hour date with the O2 XDA II, I knew I needed more. I wasn't satisfied with just two hours. I neede to explore it, find out what makes it tick and confirm every information that has leaked out into the Internet. How sweet was the news when I heard that I could spend more time with the lovely O2 XDA II. Without hesitation, I asked if I could shoot the actual device and explore it. Here are the results of that last tryst with the O2 XDA II.

Of course I couldn't believe the improvements they have incorporated into the device that roughly measured similarly to the older XDA, less the antenna. The extra buttons, the camera, the small details, actually so many improvements and added features that what I may end up covering now may proabbly be incomplete. But nonetheless, I'll try to include every detail I can remember.

The new O2 XDA II still retains the basic feel of the old XDA, now referred to as XDA I. Still finished in the same satin chrome with full chrome buttons, the striking difference is the black top portion of the XDA II and its lack of an external antenna.

Even the cradle has been redesigned and now sports a pilot lamp and a small hole which I was told was a speaker hole. This gave me the impression that this could be used as a desktop speakerphone. I was also told that the production versions of the cradle would also include a port for attaching external speakers, although the one on the unit I saw had the hole plugged up. It also has an extra slot for an extra battery, hence the pilot light at the front of the cradle.

The button placements are basically the same with your basic Calendar and Contacts buttons along with the Call and End Call buttons on the front face of the device. I know most of you may be cringing now at the thought that this is similar to the older XDA which indeed lacked the typical four configurable button layout of other Pocket PCs. Fear not for this is no longer an issue. The XDA II has six buttons in total, while the placement of the other two buttons are somewhat not ideal for typical gamiing needs, they do exist as you can see here at the Buttons Settings screenshot. Yes, we now get four buttons which we can assign to our favorite applications.


You also get the volume control slider at the side where the other two HotKey Buttons are placed.

And of course with that many buttons, you can accidentally switch your XDA II on when not needed and at worse, make calls without you knowing it that they inluded a basic keylock.

The SDIO slot is now located at the top and beside it are the IR Port and the Power Button. And taking the far corners of the devie are two Notification LEDs for Bluetooth and basic Pocket PC Notifications.

As you can see, the camera is positioned at the back of the device. Also found within that area is the external antenna port and that nice shiny disc that is attached to the battery cover. If you are wondering what that small chrome disc is, well, definitely it is not a lens cover. It is actually a mirror that is very helpful when you try to take your own portrait (alone or with friends). Now, didn't I tell you they even thought of the smallest of details?

Behind the battery cover lies the 1200mAh Lithium Polymer Baterry and the special port for the Piggy-back Unit. The SIM card is now placed behind the battery as state in earlier articles in PPCW.Net. But the sweetest part of it all is the special portwhich is found at the bottom of the unit, just next to the battery lock. This, as I was told, will be the port for the Piggy-back unit which will have a CF slot, and a VGA out port.

The camera, is also tied up with the MMS Composer for video and stills. One thing that is so nice about it is that if you use the camera hardware button, assuming that you have not remapped it for another application, will launch the Camera software automatically.

To be continued.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

More Information : [Part 2]


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