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Friday, 13.12.13
UPGRADE: Pebble releases PebleOS v1.14 Firmware Update - Brings enhanced Features like "Do Not Disturb"
Posted by Arne Hess - at 10:40 CET under 05 - Other Mobile OS News

If you are a Pebble smartwatch owner, you should receive this update automatically, if not it might be interesting for you to know that Pebble has released another PebbleOS firmware update which brings some neat and useful enhancements. PebbleOS v1.14 is now featuring a a "Do Not Disturb" function which blocks notifications for a set period of time. That's indeed handy because so far you had to activate the Airplane Mode, for instance if you was taking a nap on weekends. And while we are talking about a nap, the alarms app also received an update which now allows to create multiple Alarms, toggle alarms on/off and edit existing alarms. Also new the the snooze alarm function which is customizable via the Pebble Alarms app.

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Tuesday, 03.12.13
ENTERTAINMENT: Amazon Cloud Player for iOS now available for BMW and MINI - No Android Version on the Horizon
Posted by Arne Hess - at 19:19 CET under 05 - Other Mobile OS News

Amazon today announced the immediate availability of Amazon Cloud Player for iOS in BMW Apps and MINI Connected-equipped vehicles from model year 2011 forward. Amazon Cloud Player customers using and iPhone and iPod Touch can now conveniently access their music using the vehicle's controller and screen. This will allow drivers and passengers to easily access their music playlists stored in the Amazon Cloud Player with the convenience of using BMW and Mini dashboard controls by bringing music in high-quality up to 256 kbps audio.  The launch of Amazon Cloud Player in BMW and Mini Cooper follows the integration in Ford SYNC Applink-equipped vehicles earlier this year.

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Monday, 02.12.13
DISTRIBUTION: Jolla sees a Sailfish OS Future on existing Android Devices
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:36 CET under 05 - Other Mobile OS News

Following Jolla's "The Other Half" Sailfish OS-based smartphone launch last week, the Finnish smartphone startup has further plans for its Sailfish OS - to reach a critical mass. As Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki told Finnish Talouselämä Magazine, Jolla is going to let individual users install the Sailfish OS on Android devices that they already have. In an interview, Pienimäki said "That is the plan. We are on device business and OS business. It is fairly easy to install the OS on Android devices" and continued that "there is no such culture in these parts of the world [Finland], but there are people that are installing new operating systems on their devices. In China it is mainstream."

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Wednesday, 27.11.13
LAUNCH: Jolla publishes new Jolla Sailfish OS The Other Half Video and User Guide
Posted by Arne Hess - at 18:09 CET under 05 - Other Mobile OS News

Alright, today is finally happening what a handful ex-Nokia employees started and worked hard on the past months. Jolla, the Finnish smartphone manufacturer launches its first Sailfish OS at a special event in Helsinki, together with its Finnish carrier partner DNA. And while the first 400 customers will get their smartphone tonight, pre-order customers from Europe have to wait a little bit longer but not too long anymore, after Jolla started sending out the final order invitations since earlier this week. If you now wonder what you will get or what all this Jolla and Sailfish OS is about, Jolla has today published a YouTube video which shows you a real and final Jolla TOH (The Other Half) in action!

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Monday, 25.11.13
PROCESS: Making the final Jolla "The Other Half" Order - Now Possible through Invitation E-Mails
Posted by Arne Hess - at 11:54 CET under 05 - Other Mobile OS News

Have you also pre-ordered your Jolla Sailfish OS smartphone during the first wave back in spring or the second wave back in summer; and have already received last Friday's E-Mail which told you that you should receive a second E-Mail with further details soon? Great, that's what I did as well and today I received the promised second E-Mail which allowed me to complete my pre-order. Back in May, I've pre-booked and paid "The Second Half" 100 Euro campaign and I always wondered how this will continue. Beside receiving my T-Shirt (which unfortunately arrived way too late, don't hope it's an indicator for how much longer I have to wait for the phone), the campaign was said to give me a discount of 100 Euro for the phone since I already paid that amount in advance.

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