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Thursday, 19.09.13
UNVEILED: Jolla gives a Glimpse of the Hardware Specs of its first Sailfish OS Smartphone
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:21 CET under 05 - Other Mobile OS News

So far, Jolla kept mum about the hardware specs of its first smartphone, which is still expected to be launched end of this year but Jolla somehow asked interested parties to order the pig in a poke. It was known that it comes with Jolla's own Sailfish OS, the the phone - which has still no official name - features a touchscreen, that the battery cover is exchangeable and since earlier this week we also knew that the phone archived Android compatibility. However, today Jolla unveiled a glimpse of what the phone will be about. According to the Facebook posting, it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core CPU, the touchscreen will be a 4.5" qHD (960x540) "Jolla Estrade display" and the main camera supports 8 megapixel while the front facing camera supports 2 megapixel.

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Monday, 16.09.13
RUMOR: Blurry HTC China OS Photo hits the Web
Posted by Arne Hess - at 16:27 CET under 05 - Other Mobile OS News

Just when I wrote that Sailfish OS could be an - in my humble opinion - interesting option for HTC to use it as the underlying OS for its rumored Chinese market mobile OS; which HTC is said to work with the Chinese government as a Google, Apple and Microsoft free alternative; a photo made its way to Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) which is said to be a kind of home screen of this Chinese HTC OS. Clearly running on a black HTC One, it seems to be a mix between Android and HTC Sense 5 and Windows Phone's Metro aka Mordern UI. As said, it's only showing the home screen as the photo shows a shortcut to the menu, and it's not clear which kind of home screen widgets we are seeing here.

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COMPATIBILITY: Jolla Sailfish OS achieves compatibility with Android ecosystem
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:01 CET under 05 - Other Mobile OS News

Jolla said it before - that its Sailfish OS will be "somehow" Android compatible - but today, the Finnish start-up issued a press release where it says that its Sailfish OS achieves, in terms of application and hardware, compatibility with the Android ecosystem. This means that Android applications will run directly on Sailfish OS - without any further modifications. Even if Jolla still believes that the gesture-based and modern Sailfish OS is different if it comes to the overall user experience, Sailfish OS will be nevertheless able to take full advantage of the Android application ecosystem available through various app stores globally. Jolla even announced that it will cooperate with leading global app stores to ensure users can seamlessly download Android apps just as they would do on any Android device.

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Wednesday, 28.08.13
PRELISTENING: Jolla unveils Sound Pack - including Ringtone - of its upcoming Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:28 CET under 05 - Other Mobile OS News

Are you as curious about Jolla's first Sailfish OS smartphone, which is expected to hit the market end of this year, as I am? Well, while Jolla is unveiling every single piece of info step by step, JollaUsers brought the good news today that Jolla has just released their smartphone sounds so all of the fans can use it on their current phones or computers. The sound-set is a collection of the Official (?) Jolla "The Other Half" ringtone, IM tone, E-Mail tone, alarm tone, Message tone and the lock and unlock sounds. The ringtone truly promises something great. While I have my doubts that it will become as iconic as the Nokia tune or other similar iconic sounds, the ringtone itself seems to represent the bright vision of Jolla; but listen yourself.

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Wednesday, 21.08.13
OUTLOOK: Jolla on Track - First Batch of Smartphones sold-out with ETA End of 2013
Posted by Arne Hess - at 12:36 CET under 05 - Other Mobile OS News

As Jolla, the new Finnish smartphone maker unveiled today, the first production batch of its Jolla smartphone with Sailfish OS has been fully booked by consumers and selected sales channels around the world. Jolla launched its first smartphone at the #JollaLoveDay event in May. At the same time, Jolla kicked off an online pre-order campaign, which reached its first batch limit by mid-July. Online pre-orders were received from 136 countries in all. For those, who missed the first opportunity, Jolla said it's now doing its best to offer a 2nd chance later in the autumn; and recommends that everyone interested in Jolla to sign up at to be the first to know about any new developments, such as the opening of the next pre-sales campaign.

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