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Monday, 07.08.06
FOLLOW-UP: Went up to Vancouver for a week and used TomTom 5 for getting around
Posted by Thomas Chan - at 12:19 CET under 07 - Follow-Ups

07.08.06: Here are some new/updated findings of using TomTom 5 and OnCourse Bluetooth GPS on such a trip:

1. Battery life of the OnCourse Bluetooth GPS device did last me about 4 days with around 3 hours usage each day. It is a bit short of the 15 hours advertised, but then my usage was not continuous and involved a lot of turning the unit on/off with short trips, which did drain the battery a bit more.

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Friday, 17.03.06
FOLLOW-UP: Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU 1.1 Hands Free Bluetooth Profile
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:41 CET under 07 - Follow-Ups

17.03.06 - It works - at least: During the last months, since I've tested the first AKU 1.1 devices with Hands Free Bluetooth profile and sync I had the problem that my Windows Mobile devices didn't sync well with my Parrot CK 3100, at least not if I had all my contacts on my devices but only if I had less then 100 there.
Pretty frustrating to see the sync-icon in the car kit all the time without finishing its job. Nevertheless, yesterday I was on Parrot's support site again to see if there is a new firmware available for the CK 3100 and since my last firmware update, and indeed Parrot already released two newer firmware versions with the following fixes and enhancements:

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Tuesday, 22.11.05
FOLLOW-UP: Samsung SGH-i300 Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 Second Edition
Posted by Arne Hess - at 18:35 CET under 07 - Follow-Ups

22.11.05 - CD-ROM: Sometimes it's worth to check the attached CD-ROMs which comes with Pocket PC or Smartphones, something I hadn't done for a long time anyway since the freebee iPAQ time is gone, where Pocket PCs came with loads of goodies.
Anyway, for some reasons I popped the i300 CD-ROM into the drive today and what have I found there under "Enhance Your Experience"? A tool called "MemoPad":

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Sunday, 20.11.05
FOLLOW-UP: Added a new category called 'Follow-Ups'
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:06 CET under 07 - Follow-Ups

I've just added a new category to the::unwired articles section called "Follow-Ups". I will use Follow-Ups to post more information of devices or software I use daily and impressions I've collected during this use, I might haven't posted in a software or hardware review because at the time I've posted the review, I wasn't aware of that fact, like updates of standby time, usability in different situations, etc.
Follow-Ups will be written in one single post per topic, so you will not get too many posts here but continuously updated postings.

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