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Friday, 26.05.06
Going the Vista Beta 2 experience [Update]
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:01 CET under Digital - Gadgets

All right, after Microsoft published the new Vista Beta 2 two days ago and a 15 hours download to get my copy from the Microsoft server, I'm now ready to install a German version of Vista Beta 2 on my development PC, which was my old test Media Center Edition PC so far. Wonder how/if it will works? At least - so far - the installation started, more or less, smooth:

I have only one "fear", that my graphic card isn't good enough, even if it was to run Windows Media Center Edition 2005. According to Microsoft's Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, my ATI graphic card has 64 MB dedicated memory only, while Vista requires 128 MB. Well, I will see if I get anything on the monitor.

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Monday, 22.05.06
Back on Duty - back from Mallorca/Port de Sóller
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:55 CET under Off Topic

Some of you might have missed me, my news and views - no? No question, I have missed you and as you can see or better you can't, something was "wrong" last week. And indeed, I left Munich for one week vacation and while I've planned to post from Mallorca, where I spent some great days with my girlfriend in Port de Sóller, I read my E-Mails and received RSS feed every day less and less that I came to the point where I decided not to post anything during this year's summer holidays (since it looks like I will not have any second this year - the work, you know).

Nevertheless, as last year in October, we had a fantastic designer hotel (the same - above) where the broadband Internet connection worked fine this time. The lobby and pool area were covered by the hotel W-LAN while the in-room Internet access was a wired broadband connection. But anyway, thanks to my Apple Airport Express "travel router", I made the room and balcony wireless as well which gave me access to my radio stations a well as to my music and DVD collection (which I hadn't accessed - at least not the DVDs).

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Saturday, 06.05.06
Quality Time - here the HTC Star Trek and HTC Hermes
Posted by Arne Hess - at 20:02 CET under Wireless - Mobile Devices

As you might have seen in my previous User Group posting, I recently have received an HTC Hermes (unfortunately the old ID with the 300 MHz (only) CPU, not the new one with the expected 400 MHz CPU) and an HTC Star Trek aka Qtek 8500.

I always appreciate if ODMs and carriers supports me and in this case I have/want to thank Qtek/HTC and a not specified mobile operator for their support of the::unwired since this kind of support makes the community working only.

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User Group Meeting - Always a pleasure to hang around
Posted by Arne Hess - at 19:04 CET under Wireless - Mobile Devices

Yesterday we had another of our monthly Munich Pocket PC (or Windows Mobile since it is about all Windows Mobile related devices) User Group Meeting and it's always a pleasure to hang around with some other "geeks" to play with the latest gadgets and even more interesting, test the latest apps and services.

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