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Saturday, 26.04.08

€uro ranked the 25 best Smartphones
Posted by Arne Hess - at 11:47 CET under Job - Editor and Journalist

In a recent survey, German magazine €uro asked some experts for their ranking of the 25 best smartphones and beside Erik Friemuth, director of Vodafone Germany, Michael Schuld, director at T-Mobile Germany and Ossi Urchs, a long-time multimedia expert, I was also honored to be part of the jury.
While I cannot republish here the results (as you can imagine) I can tell you that one Windows Mobile smartphone made it under the top 5 and three more made it under the top 10.

If you are in Germany, you can get issue 05/08 of €uro to see the whole list which is published in the "€LITE" section as "Exklusiv: Die Liste wider das Vergehen von Hören und Sehen: Die 25 besten Smartphones".

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Thursday, 06.03.08

the::unwired Videoviews - now with funky background music
Posted by Arne Hess - at 11:46 CET under Job - Editor and Journalist

During the past months, I've produced a good amount of videoviews for the::unwired. And while I wasn't a big fan of videos in the beginning, I've completely changed my mind because videos are definitely a great addition to photos, screenshots and texts and it adds some additional benefits for the readers, especially if used on exhibitions and congresses. So while I recorded the first videos with the photo camera of my girlfriend, because my Nikon SLR isn't able to record videos, I've upgraded late last year to a dedicated video camera as well as changed the video software. Nevertheless, most videos had the same problem - they were a kind of 1900's silent movies which is somewhat boring to watch. However, adding some music to videos is somewhat tricky because the rights management. Thankfully, the nice guys of sonar.brandmusic threw in some tracks they have the rights on (which makes sense since their core business is sound branding and music marketing) and therefore, from now the::unwired videoviews will have some funky background music as well:

The first real video which uses the::unwired's new background sound you can find in our yesterday's review of Spb Mobile Shell 2.0.

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Tuesday, 27.11.07

Packing for Amsterdam - attending Möbius 2007
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:14 CET under Job - Editor and Journalist

You might have heard about it already but in case you haven't: The annual Möbius conference is just around the corner, this year happening in Amsterdam, Netherlands and I'm happy I got an invitation for this year's Möbius conference. So while I will leave tomorrow morning, it's time now to leave the PC and pack my bag since I will take a couple of Windows Mobile smartphones with me, as well as my Apple AirPort Express, my Nikon D80 and some other stuff. In the past, without all the gadgets, traveling was easier. All you need was you Passport, your Credit Card and your toothbrush. Now we are travelling with a whole bag of gadgets.

Anyway, if you haven't heard about Möbius, it's  an invitation-only community (with roughly 100+ members now) of the world's most influential technology pundits and online writers. Hosted by Microsoft, the yearly once or twice happening Möbius conference brings together around 25 Möbians of this group of 100+ which normally interact behind the scenes with companies big and small to shape the direction of devices, services, pricing, design and the culture of consumer technology.
As with every Möbius event, Microsoft will host a variety of speakers, from across the industry, who will talk about general mobility issues, industrial design, new applications and of course provide sneak peeks into future products. However the best part of Möbius is having a very open and honest dialogue and even healthy debate  about the industry, technologies and initiatives that are shaping the future of mobility.

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Thursday, 22.02.07

Microsoft recognizes Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) at 2007 MVP Global Summit
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:07 CET under Job - Editor and Journalist

In the wake of the largest product launch in the company's history, that of the Windows Vista operating system, the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Corp. will host the 2007 MVP Global Summit. The annual event recognizes the value that Microsoft-designated Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) around the world provide in helping to make the company's products successful, while honoring their contributions to the objective exchange of knowledge and their dedication to enriching the technology user experience.

MVPs are individuals (like me ;-)) recognized by Microsoft as outstanding leaders in the technical community who make an exceptional impact on the IT industry by actively and voluntarily sharing their expertise in technical communities worldwide. Recent examples of the MVP influence on Microsoft's products and technology users include the following:

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Monday, 12.02.07

Announcing the::unwired's and Microsoft's Windows Mobile cooperation at 3GSM
Posted by Arne Hess - at 23:21 CET under Job - Editor and Journalist

Yes, I know - this is shameless self-promotion but why not? I'm happy to announce, that Microsoft selected the::unwired as the featured news source during the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. You might have noticed the 3GSM banner at the::unwired already and I've taken it from Microsoft's new Windows Mobile 6 page, the the::unwired is featured as the source, where you get the latest and greatest news about everything Windows Mobile related:

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