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Watching the FIFA World Cup live in a Munich Beer Garden
Posted by Arne Hess - at Monday, 26.06.06 - 11:58:43 CET under Digital - Lifestyle - Viewed 12688x

You know, one of the things I really enjoy here in Munich are our Beer Gardens. A great place to meet friends, to have lunch or dinner, to relax and - during the World Cup - to watch the matches! :-) So I did as well last Saturday when Germany played against Sweden (sorry Sweden, never knew that Germany can play so "Brazilian"). So yes, I was early enough in the Beer Garden close to my apartment to make sure I get a place with sight to the video wall (most Beer Gardens have at the moment and since the weather is so Mediterranean, the best place to watch Football is anywhere in the garden). However, I prepared myself, just in case something fails, like the video wall crashes during the match or whatever - I took my O2 Xda trion (one of the early development devices) with me, equipped with the Sling Media SlingPlayer to access my Slingbox at home - just as a fallback and indeed, it was working great (sorry for the low quality of the pictures I snapped with my i-mate SP5):

Well, that combination (and I don't mean the Weissbier (or better Russ'n Maß) and the Pocket PC but the video wall and Slingplayer equipped HTC Hermes) worked well. Before the match started, I watched a different channel to get more news (Premiere - the major Word Cup broadcaster is a kind of lame with its analyzes) and during the match I had a way better feeling because I knew that "whatever happens, I can continue watching the game". :-)
BTW: What impresses me most was the fact, that it seems E-Plus readjusted its UMTS network here in Munich. During the past 2 - 3 weeks, I achieved 40 - 60 Kbps only, which sucks for a UMTS network. However, since Friday I'm achieving up to 250 Kbps which is quite enough to use the SlingPlayer on a UMTS-connected device since it provides up to 25 frames per second, which is good enough to watch TV and even a football match.

Cheers ~ Arne

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